Welcome to Crestfallen’s Tea House.

We will be serving up little samples from Morning Tea, High Tea and Special Tea featured on the Smashing Pumpkins’ upcoming Mellon Collie deluxe boxset. Most of the samples will be written information about the tracks, my impressions, a description of the songs, along with information about track length, etc. Each Monday, we will let your ears have a sip of the tea (although this is subject to the tea brewers’ final word).

So check this page each day for a new post, and every Monday for your ears to take a taste.

Thank you for visiting Crestfallen tea page as we have now finished reviewing all the tracks on the Bonus Discs (minus those whom already were released on TAFH)

High Tea: 03-Thirty-Three (Sadlands Demo)

I expected this to be the same mix as on Mellon Collie Demo I but it’s not. It is an acoustic take with what might be backup vocals by James. It’s an acoustic dream.

High Tea: 02-Set The Ray To Jerry (Vocal Rough)

The track sounds a lot like the original with a different vocal tacks and what might be an ever so slight different guitar playing. With what kind of sounds like backing vocals by Billy as well.

Special Tea: Goodnight (Basic Vocal Rough)

This track is stripped down to what sounds like a rehearsal live track. All of the original Pumpkins sing very softly and sweetly. The track ends with a magical piano ending which is a little different than what you hear on the Mellon Collie album.

Special Tea: 07-Isolation (BT 2012 mix)

This Joy Division song was originally released under Starchildren and just like a lot of the BT Mixes it is an awesome upgrade with better audio.

Special Tea: 18-Marquis In Spades (BT 2012 mix)

The dead space at the start of this track has been removed but the sound is just AMAZING! These BT mixes originally felt pretty silly to me on first listen. But listening to them verse the original releases is what makes you notice the difference. The the guitar, the vocals, the drums and bass have all been enhanced, especially the bass and drums.

High Tea: 06-Jellybelly (Instrumental/Pit mix 3)

Serves You Right: This isn’t an instrumental track, it is likely a mix of two takes. it has incomplete lyrics and at times Billy kind of hums instead of sings, specifically on the opening line. It’s just 3 minutes of pure rock-

Morning Tea: 20-Galapagos (InstrumentalSadlands demo)

This is the last instrumental left for me tell you about and it is my favorite. They could of called this Galapagos (Outer Space Version).  Another spacey track that would likely make great make-out music. Just saying is all.

Sample: 0:17-0:38

High Tea: 14-Blast (Fuzz version)

This isn’t the same Blast you know from the Gravity Demos. It is shorten track and has a lot more fuzz to it. Almost like a fuzzy kazoo effect. The track is pretty wild in the middle with this fuzzy effect.The drums are pretty static during the almost 3 minutes long instrumental.

High Tea: 05-Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans (Live Studio rough)

This track has a feel of what you may have heard from the The  666 Tapes session. You can hear Billy talking right before the song starts. The song sound quality is really excellent, making it very easy to pick out each and every sound but the drums really the highlight for me. For the most part the song lyrics is what you find on Mellon Collie except that Billy sings “Porcelina of the ocean blue”. The track is 9 minutes of classic Mellon Collie.

Morning Tea: 21-To Forgive (Sadlands demo)

The same track as original leaked version on the Mellon Collie demo–which really wasn’t that bad of a recording–and this new version is an upgrade. The  most noticeable difference is the guitar which is a richer sounding tone on this new cleaned up track.

Special Tea: 02-Galapagos (Sadlands demo)

You guessed it, same as on the Mellon Collie demo that has been cleaned up. Once again the guitar tone is what stands out but Billy’s vocals are also much smoother sounding.

Morning Tea: 06-Autumn Nocturne (Sadlands demo)

The track is the same as that found on the Mellon Collie demos that were leaked but it sound quality is GREAT. The leaked version sounds like it was an mp3 that had been compressed 4-5 times and then recorded from a mic that was listening to the track 4 inches under the ground. The song is a really fun track for anyone who hasn’t heard it.

Special Tea: 12-Blank (Sadlands demo)

This version of Blank has an echo effect added to Billy’s vocals to make it sound like he was singing it in an empty concert hall. The music and the lyrics are exactly the same as the version on the tonight, tonight single. The track runtime is 2:52

Special Tea: 21-Wishing You Were Real (Home demo)

This track is really rough. The recording is only a little better than what had been leaked a long time ago. The main difference is this track cuts out the background noise that are heard at the start otherwise it’s pretty much the same thing. Still a great track none the less and I am sure first timers will love it as much as fans did when they first heard it.

Special Tea: 14-My Blue Heaven (BT 2012 mix)

Another track which sound quality has been enhanced. The vocals, the piano and the strings all sound excellent. The whole song seems to be an upgrade in quality. It was rather incredible when you play the original and this new mix back to back.

High Tea: 04-Cupid De Locke (BT 2012 mix)

This Bjorn Thorsrud mix makes me think “CupidDeLocke meets TheFutureEmbrace” when the song starts. The song switches to a more traditional sound of Cupid De Locke. The drum track sounds much prominent in this mix and has a tribal-beat to it. The vocal take sounds like the ones on Mellon Collie although I feel like D’arcy vocals are harder to hear. The song ends though surprisingly without the poetry reading. The track length is 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

Sample from 0:15-0:39

Special Tea: 06-Fuck You (an ode to no one) (Production Master rough)

If you were to listen to this track after listening to the Mellon Collie version than you could hear how rough this is. Otherwise you might not notice it. The track though does have this rather obvious hissing noise that seems to show up randomly in the middle of the track. The song is still just as powerful as the original and the ending doesn’t switch to the single left channel squealing instead it ends in stereo followed by some dead air. Run-time 4:58.

Special Tea: 19-Tales Of A Scorched Earth (Guitar Overdub mix)

On first listen, you might not think this track is more than the Mellon Collie version without the lyrics, but there are a handful of little nuances that you can hear, such as the drumstick count at the start and how the individual instruments are that much more easier to pick out. The track is 3:47 long.

Special Tea: 16-Zoom (7 ips)

After hearing this 2:43 long instrumental you may detect that it has a GLOW feel to it. The track starting sounds exactly like what you hear in the Pastichio Medley sample.The last 40 seconds is the most musically surprising part and has a very entertaining ending.

Special Tea: 05-New Waver (Sadlands demo)

The sample of this song on Pastichio Medley doesn’t exactly match up to this track. This track has a really interesting additional guitar part that is missing from the version on PM. The second guitar gives the song that new wave feel. It is a 2:44 long track

Special Tea: 23-Phang (Sadlands demo)

This is the last track on the bonus discs and it is an instrumental. It sounds just like the clip that you hear in Pastichio Medley. With a few pace changes at a brief 2:30 long/

High Tea: 17-Fun Time (Sadlands demo)

The tracks starts with a simple drum beat and then it comes out and says “Howdy there partner”. The track has a country feel to it. A very relax giddy-up little doggies sort of feel. It’s an instrumental track clocking in at over four and a half minutes of fun time.

High Tea: 11-Knuckles (Studio outtake)

This track sounds like it would fit very well on a video game where you’re fighting outer space aliens who are attacking the Earth. The track is just over 3 minutes long and has no lyrics other than what you hear in the sample.

Sample from 1:00-1:20

Special Tea: 20-Tonite Reprise (Version 1)

This is different from version on the tonight, tonight single although it is still just Billy with an acoustics guitar. This track has much cleaner vocals and guitar playing. As well as a nice little change to the singing style of tonite at the end.

Special Tea: 08-Transformer (Early mix)

I have a hard time telling if there is any difference between this mix and that which was on the thirty-three single. The only noticeable change is that “hit it” is missing. The length is identical to that of the version on the thirty-three single.

Special Tea: 03-Cherry (BT 2012 mix)

This fresh mix of Cherry is very cool. The song is an additional 20 seconds long and everything sounds better from the bass, to the drums, to the backup vocals. But the bass improvement is what I noticed the most. The false start has been removed and when Billy sings the chorus the vocals switch back and forth between the left and right channel during each line, making it pretty trippy when listening through headphones. Unlike the original where the song fades out this ending is REALLY great with a new backup line.

Morning Tea: 16-1979 (Sadlands demo)

If you saw the Smashing Pumpkins on Storytellers where Billy talks about 1979 he says he had not written lyrics for the song outside of “shakedown 1979”. As the Mellon Collie sessions were wrapping up Flood told Billy he has basically 24 hours to pretty much get the song done or it wouldn’t be on the album. Billy worked on lyrics and did a demo at home. This is likely that demo and it is just him on guitar and the drum machine. The lyrics are just slightly different at times and the last chorus isn’t sung. This is a 4 minute long song that solidifies Billy as a great songwriter.

Special Tea: 13-Beautiful (Instrumental-Middle 8)

This 4:15 long instrumental is called “middle” mainly because the guitar work is from the middle of the song, starting from “let the clouds roll by your face….”. But what makes this one of the most interesting tracks is that By Starlight guitar parts are mixed into it. Making me only wonder if By Starlight and Beautiful might have been 1 song that later split.

Special Tea: 04-Love (Flood rough)

This almost 4 and half minute Flood rough isn’t nearly as rough as By Starlight is on Morning Tea. It starts with a quick click-click followed by the track sounding a lot like what ended up on Mellon Collie. Both vocally and musically. There are also some nice ad-lib lyrics added to the song

High Tea: 18-Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (Acoustic version)

This is pretty much exactly what you may have expected of a Billy solo acoustic Thru The Eyes of Ruby performance. It’s almost 5 minutes long and beautifully played. The track is occasionally given some alternative lyrics but nothing as obvious as the chorus.

Sample 2:29-2:49

Morning Tea: 11-Medellia Of The Gray Skies (Take 1)

This is a very different vocal performance but musically it is pretty similar. The song is much louder and the piano is playing right from the start. Billy’s vocals are up front and center (rather than sounding like he is in an empty room). The vocal performance and the alternative lyrics (such as “I would gladly thrill”) makes this three and half-minute long take 1 an interesting listen.

High Tea: 01-Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Sadlands demo)

This is as expected the acoustic version of Bullet with Butterfly Wings with some working lyrics that was leaked with the Mellon Collie demos. And like all the others the track has been cleaned up to sound perfect.

Morning Tea: 08-Ugly (Sadlands demo)

If this is the same track as found on the Mellon Collie Demo’s (and I am pretty sure it is) than it has been given loads of new life by being cleaned up. Their this ever so slight synth that appears just for a moment early in the song as well as when the song fades out. The song is 2 minutes and 47 seconds long.

Morning Tea: 10-By Starlight (Flood rough)

Rough is the exact word I would use for this mix. This tracks drums and bass line are pretty loud and Billy’s singing is pretty rough. The song gets very interesting around the 3:30 mark as a the piano kicks in. The track ends a little like a live performance. The tracks run-time is 4:30

Morning Tea: 14-In The Arms Of Sleep (Early Live demo)

It has its trademark swaying feel to it. The lyrics are pretty close to the final version with some lines being sung in a different order. This live demo reminds me a bit of the live version the Pumpkins would play in their PJ’s back in 1996. The track has some interesting little guitar work during the song and Billy voice is full of emotion. As well as a special vocal ending that may just make you smile. The song length is 3:50

Morning Tea: 07-Beautiful (Loop version)

The only thing that sounds exactly like the original is the drum track. A lot of the lyrics are missing but the song still takes you to a wonderful place in musical heaven. The ending of the track sounds as if a space ship is flying by to take you away. The track is just over 5 mins long.

High Tea: 08-Jupiter’s Lament (Barbershop version)

2 minutes and 40 odd seconds of bliss. The song starts with Billy singing with an acoustic guitar and tambourine. Then the back-up vocals of “Ooo-” by Billy come in. A few moments past and you clearly hear James Iha singing backup. Later in the song it sounds likes D’arcy may have joined James on backing vocals.


Special Tea: 22-Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (Pit mix 3)

This is 45 seconds of a HIGH pitch fuzzy noise that I don’t recognize at all.

Morning Tea: 15-Lily (My One And Only) (Sadlands demo)

This version of Lily is the same take as found on the original Mellon Collie Demos with some new production added to it. The guitar tone in this cleaned up version makes the track sound excellent. A new little addition to the song is when Billy sings “I wonder if she” (both at 1:15 and 2:06) there is an echo added to his vocals. The track length is 3:18.

Special Tea: 17-Pastichio Medley (Reversed extras)

43 seconds of snippets mashed together. Most of tracks are from Pastichio Medley. Some of which the recording is normal and others that are played backwards.

Morning Tea: 04-Zero (Synth mix)

The song starts with hi-hat or tambourine beat for 3 seconds and then begins like normal. The sythn mix adds a swishifying effect to the song. Billy singing style only varieties a little from the normal version of Zero at certain points. What is missing from this take is the wild guitar work that you normally hear after “..i never let on that i was down”.

Special Tea: 11-Eye (Soundworks demo)

This is a real surprise track. It’s a three and half-minute demo of excellent sound quality. Starting with a piano intro that feels as if it is in the distance background. The song has the completed lyrics. Billy’s vocals are a little rough at times but the highlight is at the end of the song when he mimics the choir. This demo is a great example of a songs early beginning.

Special Tea: 09-Dizzle (Sadlands demo)

This is not the same track found on the Gravity Demos. The track is just guitar and a drum machine, which reminds me of Maggie Simpsons sucking on her pacifier being played in the background. The guitar work is pretty similar to the track on Gravity Demos except its tone has more of a large room with a slight echo feel to it. Run-time: 2:18

Special Tea: 01-Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Nighttime version 1)

This track comes as a most welcomed surprise to start of the Special Tea disc. It is an extended and alternative mix of the music you hear right at the end of thru the eyes of ruby. It has a spacey feel to it that you could listen to all night long as you gazed into a starry sky. The track is a short 1 minute and 15 seconds long.

Sample from 0:35-0:55

High Tea: 15-Towers Of Rabble (Live)

This live recording of Towers of Rabble is likely from Feb 28th 1995 at Double Door since the ending line goes “nothing nothing nothing forverer”. At the end of the song the audience clapping comes in. The sound of the vocal and guitar is incredible crisp.

Morning Tea: 17-Glamey Glamey (Sadlands demo)

A fuzzy rock track with a 70’s rock feel. It is really nothing like the Glamey Glamay (marquis in spades) on the Gravity Demos It is for sure the working for marquis in spades though. The drums are pretty quiet in the background and could be a drum machine. The run time is a hair over three minutes.

Morning Tea: 19-Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Home Piano version)

This is the same version as on Mellon Collie Demos I. The audio for this is very demo like. It is an upgrade but just not as polished, likely due to how it was recorded. Once again the speed has been fixed and it is not as speedy as on demos that were leaked a long time ago. The track has a run time of 2:45 but the first 5 seconds is background noise.

Morning Tea: 09-Ascending Guitars (Sadlands demo)

This instrumental track starts with a steady drum beat and then enters the fuzzy guitar. The track is exactly as described in its title an ascending chord progressing. Shortly after the half way mark it changes up a little and when it ends (a little unexpectedly) it feels as if you had fallen off a heavenly stairway. it clocks in at just over 3 minutes long.

Morning Tea: 05-Feelium (Sadlands demo)

This instrumental track is the same track as found on the Mellon Collie Demos III but it much cleaner, the guitar tones are much easier to pick out. And with a running time of 4:21 it is likely another track whose tape speed has been fixed.

High Tea: 19-Chinoise (Sadlands demo)

This is a piano instrumental that is just a few seconds over a minute long. The track kind of sounds like it could have been the frame work to For Martha on Adore. Although the piano scales up much faster than on For Martha. Overall it is a very pretty and entrancing piano piece that unfortunately comes to an abruptly end.

Morning Tea: 03-X.Y.U. (Take 11)

The track has an angry and powerful live feel to it. It is not as polished as the take that ended up on Mellon Collie. Some additional lyrics by Billy are added as you will hear in the sample. The ending of the track has a slightly different death march but it’s just over 7 minutes of pure rock.

Sample from 4:05-4:25

High Tea: 10-Tonight, Tonight (Band Version Only, No Strings)

No shattering (glass) information about this track. It’s the exact track found on Mellon Collie without the strings. The most interesting thing about this track is when you are hearing this version it only makes you know how special this song is. With or without strings the song is amazing.

Morning Tea: 01-Tonight, Tonight (Strings Alone mix)

The opening track to Morning Tea, Tonight, Tonight (String Alone mix) is as noted in its subtitle a string only mix. The track is only 2:41 so don’t expect to play your own version of tonight. tonight in sync with it unless you plan to mix things up. The strings alone like this really made me realize just how special Tonight, Tonight was. To hear them in an isolated fashion is amazing. Great opening choice!

High Tea: 13-Here Is No Why (Pumpkinland demo)

This is likely the version on Mellon Collie Demos II cleaned up to the umpteenth degree! It is a full band performance with a vocal track featuring some early lyrics such as where Billy sings “star” rather than “and you’re a star”. With the cleaned up track the guitar solo at about 2:30 is extra sweet-.

Morning Tea: 12-Lover (Arrangement 1 demo)

Based solely on the track title, I and others thought Lover (Arrangement 1 demo) might be a track that was on both the Adore & Machina session demos. The song starts with an unfamiliar opening acoustic chord progression. Then a very quiet vocal comes and sings ‘lover darling, when you hold my hand it’s all I’ll have until tomorrow’. This is a demo of a James Iha song featured on Let It Come Down titled Lover, Lover. The track is a very early demo with few lyrics, outside of the first two lines and it has some slightly different lyrics. The track is just under 4 minutes long and is just James and his acoustic guitar.

Morning Tea: 13-Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (Take 7)

Until the swirling guitar track starts you might never know what song this was. With the straight drum intro the track has a darker feeling. During most of the track the music has a distinct Batman track feel to it. Two minutes into the track I am still waiting for the first vocals which would never come. The track almost clocks in at 6 minutes long and just softly fades out.

Special Tea: 15-One And Two

As expected, this is the James Iha song which also appears on his solo album Let It Come Down. The track sounds very similar to the LICD version, with only a few small differences–the cello is a bit louder, and the part where D’arcy & James sing “I need you” in unison is different. The only other apparent edit is at the end of the song, where an interesting keyboard shows up for just a moment and a door creaks.

High Tea: 20-Speed

This is the cut from Pastichio Medley. The song is complete (3:25) with full lyrics that are COMPLETELY different from the Double Door performance. It is a clean but raw/under-produced track. It is a full band recording containing heavy riffs and up-tempo drum beats. The only lyrics remaining from Double Door or the Alt Lyrics are “come on in the water’s warm” and “and on my own, I can’t escape you all” Enjoy this 20-second sample, complements of the tea brewer.

Sample from 2:24-2:44

Morning Tea: 02-Methusela (Sadlands demo)

This is the same track that we had leaked so many years ago. The track is cleaned up a lot. It’s like a completely new song at this quality. The vocals are super clean as well as the piano, guitar and the synth.

High Tea: 12-Pennies

This mix is the same as found on the aeroplane box set. For those crazy audio freaks I took a screen shot of the two tracks and what you see shouldn’t surprise you. I think it’s great that tracks like this are on the bonus discs so fans who don’t even know about the aeroplane box set get a chance to sample some of the best tracks.

High Tea: 09-Bagpipes Drone (Sadlands demo)

This instrumental track is an all guitar track with high squealing fuzzy bagpipe sounds that, as you might have guessed, drones on. The track sounds like something you might hear at a Scottish fair. Clocks in at a little over two and a half minutes. Kind of reminded me of Sinfony but MUCH higher notes.