Smashing Pumpkins News October – November 2014

Nov 30th:

PICs: SP Instagram Picture 1, 2, 3

Video Playlist of the Berlin show (will be updated over the new few days)

Nov 29th:

Billy to play an acoustic showcase for OÜI  FM in France on Dec 2nd

AUDIO: Chicago show is available for free download

Nov 27th:

Video Playlist of Chicago Show (being updated over the next few days)

Nov 26th:

Ask Anything with Smashing Pumpkins session is for Dec 9th

VIDEO: Interview with Billy and Jimmy after the Hollywood Rockwalk 2008

PICS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

MAIN SET: One & All/Being Beige/Hummer/Tiberius/Tonight, Tonight/Drum + Fife/Glass and the Ghost Children/Stand Inside Your Love (short vid)/Banter/New Track/Drown/Disarm/Zero (short vid)/BWBW/Fame (Bowie cover)/Silverfuck

ENCORE: Orange Burnt Black

PICs inside Thalia Hall (stage)

Limited edition shirt to be sold at SP show with (you guessed it) TEA!

Soundcheck Report: Being Beige & Drown (Drown could of been a CD), United States, Tonight Tonight,SIYL , Unknown track followed by Ava Adore, Hummer, Quasar, another_unknown_track (PIC from Soundcheck / Jeff’s pic from Soundcheck)

Jeff is ready to rock this soon-to-be-full hall

Chicago area fans wanted to talk about Billy Corgan for an upcoming TV special.

Today in SP History The Aeroplane Flies High boxset was released

Today in SP History Earphoria was officially released to the masses 12 years ago

Nov 25th:

SPN: Billy updates on his musical, the tour, and work on DAY FOR NIGHT. Also quotes LL Cool J

Nov 24th:

Mark is happy to be part of the current SP line-up

Signed Pumpkin merch by Billy are now available

Billy Q&A via VEVO

Smashing Pumpkins will play Las Vegas Dec 13th tickets on sale TOMORROW

Smashing Pumpkins to play Chicago on Wednesday, Nov 26th / tickets are sold out!

Jeff Pedals and equipment  for the upcoming tour

Nov 22nd:

NYC to have an audio recorded

Billy Corgan’s all SP Set courtesy of SPhotties: A Stitch In Time, Speed Kills, One and All, Plume, Suffer, Inkless, That’s The Way (my love is), Clones (we’re all), Behold! The Night Mare, Geek U.S.A., Tiberius, Where Boys Fear To Tread, The Sacred and Profane, Violet Rays, Apples + Oranjes, Siva, Whir, Being Beige, God, Rocket, Blue Skies Bring Tears, Oceania, Annie Dog, Drum + Fife, An Ode to No One, Daydream (w/ BC Vocals), La Dolly Vita, Pale Horse, Heavy Metal Machine

Nov 21st:
Billy to DJ a Gish – MtaE set at (you guessed it) Zuzu’s

R-PRO posts a a thank you to Billy Corgan as he departures

KROQ is playing ONE AND ALL

Billy confirms that he is the kid on the cover of DRUM + FIFE

NME premiers the new Smashing Pumpkins track DRUM + FIFE, Billy gives background on the track

Billy tells KFOG that the current ALL STAR line-up might be for this mini world tour only

A private 30 person show to happen in the UK at XFM

Autographed LPs of past works of Billy Corgan  to be on sale at Zuzu’s starting Monday

Nov 20th:

PIC: #1 of 1000 of the limited edition vinyl that was sold via Billy’s teahouse

SPN: DRUM + FIFE to be premier tomorrow

SPN: Smashing Pumpkins will be coming to San Francisco Dec 11th / Tickets on sale Friday at 10am local time

SPN: Billy expands on his leaving R-Pro and on how rehearsals are going

New artwork for the Smashing Pumpkins track DRUM + FIFE

Back in 2001 SP Greatest Hits Video Collection was released

Nov 19th:

MtaE Litho revealed

James Iha with “Dum Dum Girls” (pic 2)

UK tickets for SP are sold out, France tickets are sold out. NYC show reporting to be SOLD OUT

December 10th you can see The Smashing Pumpkins perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live for free (limit 2 tickets per request).

Nov 18th:

Instagram pic of Billy at rehearsals today.

Tickets for NYC show go on sale tomorrow at noon EST / Tomorrow at 9am local London, UK tickets go on sale

Jimmy Chamberlin interview with TWIST / Gives VERY interesting info about the 1979 Moby remix (listen to the Moby remix here)

PIC: New High Resolution promo pictures of Billy  (Behind the scene pics from the photoshoot)

SPN: The “all-star” line-up for the SP tour will currently include Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine) & Mark Stoermer (The Killers). With shows announced for Germany, France, the UK, & NYC (additional dates to be added very soon in Chicago, San Francisco, and other select markets. )

Nov 17th:

2nd part of Billy Corgan interview with MTV News about Being Beige

Billy talks to MusicRadar about recording MTAE and says the new line-up will be “an all-star band”

MSOPR seems to no longer be representing SP (moved to past campaigns) / This AUS PR group seems to be doing some campaigning for SP (possibly in prep for a tour down there?)

Pre-order MTAE on CD or LP at one of these stores and get a 3 track promo today

Hear the latest track released from The Smashing Pumpkins upcoming album Monuments to an Elegy. It is called TIBERIUS

Being Beige hits the NZ airwaves.

Nov 16th:

SP confirmed for Argentina Lollapalooza 2015 Lollapalooza Brazil & Chile

Linda Strawberry is doing artwork for Billy’s SIDDHARTHA album

Nov 15th:

PIC: Billy and Linda Strawberry together

VIDEO: Billy sings LOVE WILL TEAR US APART w/ Jeff playing guitar with Peter Hook and company  (a second viewpoint)

PIC: Billy and Peter Hook after performing together at the Metro (during performance)

BC was spotted checking out the David Bowie Is exhibit in Chicago.

Billy Corgan’s 20 minute musical to premiere in December

Billy announces his official/unofficial departure from R-PRO -thanks those who he worked with-

PIC: JC at SF Music Tech

Nov 14th:

PIC: Billy with Sierra Swan / BC with Kristin Burns at LA’s Rainbow Bar and Grill

Nov 13th:

Rumor: Smashing Pumpkins to play Lollapalooza Brazil. 

MTAE Promo 3 track Front / Back

PIC: BC ready for video shoot / Jeff rocks out

Nov 11th:

See the hand that deletes

AUDIO: Some people in Southern California just seem not to know Smashing Pumpkins tracks.


If All Goes Wrong was released on this date

Thirty-Three was released on this date

Nov 10th:

Smashing Pumpkins to play in Southern California for KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas December 14th

BC predicts that a certain MATE will be worth a lot in “HELL”

ov 8th:

SPN: Billy writes 7 songs in 6 days, also about MTAE future press in the US

Interview with Jimmy Chamberlin on TXFM (starts at 5:50) (pic of JC and interviewer)

PIC: JC in Dublin

PIC: BC at R-PRO event

VIDEO: Billy interview with MTV about the album format

Nov 7th:

Billy makes Billboards quotes of the week list, for calling out a certain TV Personality

Nov 6th: 

Listen to a VERY early interview with Billy Corgan (little from JC) from 1991

Another video interview with Jimmy  at web summit, talking about U2, PIC of JC giving a speech in Dubln

SPN: Billy writes 2 new tracks, secret shows in December (likely in Europe?)

Nov 5th:

VIDEO: CNBC interview with Jimmy at Web Summit (now on YouTube)

PIC: Jimmy with CNBC World News,

The Smashing Pumpkins release their 2nd single ONE AND ALL (PIC: new promo pic of BC too)

VIDEO: Jimmy talking about what he is doing at the Web Summit

Nov 4th:

Being Beige is marked as top 5 new track of the week on UK radio station

SPN: Billy gives a tracklist of current songs working on, and mention an old track he is taking a 2nd look at

G.L.O.W. was released on this day in 2008

Nov 3rd:

1000 copies of of the exclusive lime-green LP of Monuments for an Elegy, signed and numbered is on sale at Zuzu’s

SPN: Billy talks about the track GOODSPEED & TSTSNBN status along with music today

Nov 2nd:

Billy writes shock of Wayne Wells passing

Nov 1st:

Jimmy talks about his new legacy

Pic of Billy at Zuzu’s Halloween event, 2nd pic of him spinning

Oct 31st:

Jimmy wishes a happy halloween with help from a Wizard / also JC has a page

A 1.000 exclusive edition of Monuments to an Elegy autographed and number on lime green (plus tea) will be available for pre-order on Monday on the Madame Zuzu’s site

Jimmy has listen to the new Pumpkins album

Billy says don’t expect a 20th anniversary show for MCIS to NME (as if you, the shrewdest of all Pumpkins fans didn’t already know that)

SPN: Billy writes about his latest work in the studio

Oct 30th:

Billy says tomorrow Madame Zuzu’s will have a new music, limited edition stuff

Billy shoots back to Anderson Cooper part 1, part 2

13 years ago today you might have been buying the Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits CD

See Jimmy at a PBS taping Nov 14th in Chicago

Billy Corgan featured in Anderson Cooper “The Ridiculist” (ya Anderson wants everyone to stay the same)

Oct 29th:

wXRT to highlight Smashing Pumpkins new track tomorrow 

Oct 28th:

Billy to celebrate Halloween spinning tunes at his teahouse after 9pm (so Highland Park kids make sure to trick or treat at his house early)

Pic: Billy Corgan visits Sirius XM

Oct 27th:

SPN: Billy brings fans up to date on Day for Night tracklist and his ventures across the pond

Jimmy digs the Smashing Pumpkins new single, Being Beige 

Oct 25th:

Pic: Billy with his R-PRO music writer

Jimmy heads to NYC for Catalano show / watch the live show in full

Oct 24th:

Pic: Billy with Blue Hair / another

VIDEO: Jimmy plays Jellybelly

Oct 23rd:

VIDEO: Billy Corgan explains sound of Monuments and talks about new tour dates

Mellon Collie released on this date (international release date)

BWBW released on this date

Billy doing a Q&A with fans today via VEVO

VIDEO: Billy Corgan says there is no music industry

VIDEO: Billy Corgan jest that Monuments isn’t as good as Dark Side of the Moon.

Billy said to have a strange email address

Oct 22nd:

Pic of Billy at XperiaQAwards, Pic 2, pic 3

Oct 21st:

PR Release regarding Being Beige and Monuments to an Elegy w/ quick Q&A

Get a special litho when you order MtaE via Pledge Music

Pre-Order for Monuments to an Elegy LP $21.98 on amazon, CD for $14.98 on amazon, $9.49 on Google Play  OR iTunes pre-order at $9.99 and get the new single Being Beige now, Best Buy LP pre-order price $19.99, Best Buy CD $12.99 (item 1), CD $12.99 (item 2 likely the same due to UPC code)

Pic of Billy Corgan being interviewed for UK TV News

Pic of Theo Watt and Billy Corgan

Billy cuts his tree (TMZ)

Billy Corgan 15 minute interview on BBC possible UK dates this year!

Oct 20th:

Pic of Being Beige promo CD

AUDIO: Smashing Pumpkins new song “Being Beige”

Billy Corgan and interviewer pic

Oct 18th:

SPN: New Smashing Pumpkins single due out on Monday, Billy travels Europe to promote

Billy talks about the new album, the step by step working on the album and feelings on Oceania 

Pumpkins to be “showcase” in The Chicago edition of Something From Nothing

Jimmy picks up his sticks to play with School of Rock

Oct 16th:

Billy Corgan writes theatrical music.

Oct 15th:

SPN: New song, New Music Video, and more

Why Jimmy put down his drum sticks to concentrate on tech

Oct 14th:

Nicole is working on another EP for TC&L

The Celestials / Inkless vinyl + t-shirt was released 2 years ago

Billy with Steve Aoki and friends

Oct 13th:

SPN: Rumored artwork for MTAE show to be true

Oct 12th:

Rumor: Is this the artwork for the next SP album?

Oct 11th:
SPN: Billy Corgan wrestling show continues to film

Oct 10th:

Corgan’s Reality show scrapped by AMC

Oct 7th:

SPN: Billy reveals how the work on CALX is going

Oct 6th:

Billy sends congrats on the Veronica’s single via twitter

SPN: Billy reflects on the unfinished Glass animated series.

Oct 4th:

Pisces Iscariot turns 20 / So does Vieuphoria

Oct 3rd:

SPN: Working hard with a Crumar Bit-One keyboard

Oct 2nd:

SPN: 9 songs currently in the works for DAY FOR NIGHT

Oct 1st:

SPN: Billy is ready to blast off into DAY FOR NIGHT