Smashing Pumpkins News February – March 2015

March 31st:

TOUR NEWS: The Smashing Pumpkins will team up with Manson for a coast to coast US TourAdditional date Las Vegas NV July 10th, Additional date Toronto, Canada Aug 4th, Pre-Sale Starts tomorrow , One more tour date Aug 1st Foxwoods Resort Casino Mashantucket, Ct (according to Manson site)

CONTEST: Win Tickets for July 20th New Orleans show

March 30th:

NEWS: Corgan explains that the Drum + Fife video is an allegory. Also confirm D+F will be played at both upcoming TV appearances 

VIDEO: Drum + Fife Music Video Released

March 29th:

NEWS: Smashing Pumpkins to perform on Good Morning America on April 3rd

March 28th:

HISTORY: The self-released tape, titled The Smashing Pumpkins was released

March 27th:

NEWS: The Smashing Pumpkins will be on the Tonight Show starting Jimmy Fallon April 2nd (original info)  /  Billy Corgan will appear on “That Metal Show” on VH1 this season

PIC: WPC pic now showing on Rock Icon (image)

March 26th:

Happy 47th Birthday to former Pumpkin, James Iha, James thanks ppl for the b-day wishes

March 25th:

NEWS: Monuments to and Elegy available in Brazil

PIC: WPC new shirt

March 22nd:

PIC: WPC, Mark, Jack White and Tommy Lipnick

HISTORY: Disarm single was released

Mar 20th:

VIDEO: 1979 (LIVE) with some interesting audience participation

Mar 19th:

WPC cat Sammi passes away (original post from WPC about getting the cats)

Mar 18th:

VIDEO: Billy being sung happy birthday to by audience in Lima

PICS: pro shots from Lima, Peru show, more pro shots from Lima, Peru, blurry pic of JC @ SXSW, JC on panel at SXSW, JC w/ other SXSW goers, new DJ Iha pic, Iha in studio, 2nd pic of Iha studio, WPC spotted at the airport

Mar 17th:

Happy Birthday to William Patrick Corgan!

VIDEO: Billy Corgan to evaluated the musical purpose of the Smashing Pumpkins 

Birthday: Happy Birthday to former bassist Melissa Auf der Maur

Notable Birthday Wishes to WPC: Manson, JC, Sierra Swan, Kristin Burns, SP twitter, David Wild, Ex Cops, RS Italy,

MISC: Retweet a b-day wish to BC for a chance to win Oceania Live

Mar 15th:

VIDEO: Smashing Pumpkins Lollapalooza, Chile performance in full

Mar 12th:

VIDEO: William Corgan talks about Soundwave 2015

Mar 9th:

FAN PROJECT: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 20 years Tribute Series

PIC: DJ James Iha event in Chicago, pic 2, pic 3, JC on panel

Mar 7th:

BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday to Adore era touring drummer Kenny Aronoff!

Mar 5th:

PIC: Corgan with fans in S. America

MISC: Hear from Jimmy about streaming impact on music March 9th

Mar 4th:

PIC: JC having a very cool lunch

MISC: EX-COP (indie band WPC produced an album for recently) rejects McDonalds offer of SXSW showcase

Mar 3rd:

VIDEO: Billy Corgan on remembering Leonard Nimoy

PIC: Billy is in South America

Mar 2nd:

VIDEO: New video from Billy Corgan’s Voltaire’s CANDIDE, Jimmy sits on a panel/judge at LAUNCH Festival 2015

NEWS: Jimmy comes to SF for Launch Festival

Mar 1st:

VIDEO: Manson joins SP for Ava Adore

HISTORY: 1979 remixes released

Feb 28th:

VIDEO: 1979 at Brisbane show

NEWS: Tickets for James Iha DJ set for Mar 7th in Chicago on sale

HISTORY: Machina/the machines of God released in 2000

Feb 27th:

PIC: WPC at the Cricket World Cup, JC w/ Chicago Tribune reporter

Feb 26th:

PIC: Corgan, Manson w/ Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Brad Wilk w/ INXS drummer

MISC: Corgan goes to to the Cricket World Cup

Feb 25th:

VIDEO: Corgan interview about musical evolution 

AUDIO: Corgan interview at soundwave w/ Higgo

Feb 24th:

VIDEO: 1979 live, Corgan talks with The Morning Show in AUS

AUDIO: Billy Corgan talks with Tripe J –interview download

PICS: Pro Pictures from Festival Hall show, Even more pro pictures from Soundwave, Corgan with Australian Morning show

Feb 23rd:

PIC: WPC performing special VIP show, setlist, WPC with fan Pro pictures from Melbourne show

AUDIO: Billy Corgan interview with Double J (6 day limit)interview only download link

NEWS: SP setlist for at Festival Hall

Feb 22nd:

VIDEO: Pale Horse at Soundwave, Tonight, Tonight

PIC: From the Drum + Fife video shoot, setlist picture from soundwave, pro pics from soundwave

History: No Alternative released

Feb 21st:

VIDEO: William Patrick Corgan chats w/ Music Feeds

PIC: The SP All Star Line-Up, Live on stage, partial setlist picture

HISTORY: 15 years ago today SIYL was released

Feb 20th:

VIDEO: Billy Corgan interview with The Weekly Feed

PIC: Billy and Jeff at Bakehouse Studio in AUS

Feb 19th:

VIDEO: Billy Corgan Talks “Being Beige” & Monuments to an Elegy

NEWS: James Iha DJ playlist plus DJ plan for Chicago on March 7th

Feb 18th:

PIC: Billy spends time with a young friend

NEWS: SP heads to AUS, US shows might happen, EU not so likely / Manson & Billy possibly to join forces again in AUS?

Feb 17th:

PIC: Sketch of SP rehearsals.

NEWS: Corgan to be on AUS Morning Show today (technically it’s tomorrow?)

Feb 15th:

PIC: Living the dream

Feb 14th:

PIC: SP Rehearsals, pic 2, pic 3

Feb 13th:

NEWS: David Pajo (former member of Zwan) survives suicide attempts [Our prayers and thoughts go out to David and his family]  UPDATE: PICTURE FROM DAVID. HE IS OK!
 / JCC is 4 for 4

Feb 12th:

INTERVIEW: Billy Corgan talks about a new artistic direction

Feb 11th:

NEWS: Day 3 for JCC and 2 tracks done

INTERVIEW: In Depth interview with Jimmy

MISC: Oceania Live in 3D to broadcast on Latin American network.

Feb 10th:

VIDEO: Jimmy shares work from day 1

PIC: Billy shares pic of a synth

Feb 9th:

VIDEO: Jimmy warms up on day 1 of JCC studio time

NEWS: Jimmy is heading to LA for work on new JCC music (amongst other things?), Billy updates fans on Tour, Future Zuzu’s audio releases, and changing Day for Night title

Feb 8th:

TOUR: Win a 3 song Acoustic Set / Q and A with Billy Corgan  / Another way to enter to VIP Sidewave experience

Pics: Candide reading,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Feb 7th:

TOUR: Save 25% off tickets for SP Lima show

MISC: Ex Cops thanks Billy Corgan & his 2 dogs amongst others

Feb 6th:

TOUR: Smashing Pumpkins to play in Paraguay @ Asuncionico / save 50% off on Pumpkins upcoming Lima show

PIC: Manson and Billy in Chicago

Happy Birthday to former Pumpkin drummer Mike Byrne (25)

Feb 4th:


Feb 3rd:

HISTORY: Zwan released the “Honestly” single on this day

Feb 2nd:

VIDEO: Smashing Pumpkins performance at Absolute Radio in Dec 2014, Billy interview with Sam Roberts about wrestling (audio release Jan 8th)

MISC: Billy to be holding a special reading of CANDIDE by Voltaire Feb 8th at Zuzu’s

Feb 1st:

MISC: Billy’s creative class canceled