Smashing Pumpkins News


Setlist for InPlainsong will not be posted to avoid spoilers. 

March 27th:

VIDEO: James Iha joins WPC during show in LA! 

March 26th:

Happy birthday to James Iha

March 22nd:

HISTORY: Disarm was released as a single on this date

March 21st:

PIC: JC already at Portland venue for tomorrow’s show / JC shows off his drum kit for tour

March 17th:


VIDEO: Jeff wishes WPC happy birthday

INTERVIEW: WPC talks about upcoming Tour, quitting twitter, & about GNR reunion tour

March 16th:

VIDEO: Clip from “The Smart Studios Story” featuring WPC (fixed)

AUDIO: Chris Martin of Coldplay & Howard Stern agree Smashing Pumpkins belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

WRESTLING: WPC talks to wrestler Grado about going into the ring

MISC: British journalist Caitlin Moran briefly re-tells her story of interviewing SP in early 90’s (see more story in detail here)

March 15th:

TOUR: Smashing Pumpkins release new tour dates

NEWS: WPC talks about Smashing Pumpkins belonging in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

WRESTLING: WPC on stage at TNA match

March 14th:

NEWS: WPC says NO to playing old albums in full (again) / WPC hints at a new tour date being announced soon along with mention of 26 songs being worked on in rehearsals.

March 11th:

WRESTLING: WPC helps gets Manson track on TNA

March 7th:

MISC: SP addresses leaked material (pic of msg)

March 6th:

PIC: JC shares his kit that he’ll be playing for the InPlainsong Tour

March 5th:

MISC: Former Zwan member David Pajo was hit recently suffering major leg injuries (pic of leg @ hospital / more info)

March 2nd:


Feb 29th:

HISTORY: Machina released (or 28th depending on location)

Feb 27th:

VIDEO: WPC plays Cardinal Rule and plays piano as well as answers questions he has answered before

MISC: Gault Project 66 trip official ends with message

Feb 26th:

MISC: 5th & 6th grade class sings Smashing Pumpkins – SNAIL

Feb 25th:

VIDEO: WPC writing lyrics for new songs in LALA land

Feb 24th:

VIDEO: Jeff Schroeder interview talks about joining SP and playing guitar

WRESTLING: WPC agrees Grado has to go

MISC: Australian artist covers BWBW  as a slow ballad

Feb 22nd:


MISC: WPC likes X-Files / JC joins the board of trustees for Columbia College

HISTORY: Glynis released on this date via No Alternative

Feb 21st:

HISTORY: SIYL released on this date

Feb 17th:

VIDEO: WPC playing with Katie Williams w/ Bob Moore on KUSH / WPC on KUSH / WPC reports from New Mexico mention he has written 5 songs so far

WRESTLING: Video of WPC talks about his love for wrestling to Rolling Stone (side note: A must watch for anyone who questions WPC interest in wrestling)

Feb 16th:

VIDEO: WPC gives an update

Feb 14th:

VIDEO: WPC says Happy Valentines Day from Tulsa, OK by singing Bob Willis – Sugar Moon

Feb 13th:

VIDEO: WPC plays For Your Love at home in Bentonville home.

Feb 12th:

VIDEO: WPC and crew visit Ozark

Feb 10th:

VIDEO: WPC talks about several interviews done and what he saw today

NEWS: Smashing Pumpkins to have a 2nd Encore in NYC as they add a 3rd show

PIC: WPC makes it to Missouri for the Gaul Project

WRESTLING: WPC gets confronted by Grado during interview

Feb 9th:

VIDEO: Gaul Project has a search for bed bugs & plays Song For a Son / Gaul Project ends up by the railroad tracks

PIC: WPC on his way to Somerville, TN / WPC in front of pawn store sign in Bolivar, Tennessee

Feb 7th:

VIDEO: Gaul Project update and news about a possible 3hr rock shows to return in 2017 / WPC talks with Backstage Axxxess talking about his new guitar

Feb 6th:

NEWS: WPC sort of returns to twitter for his America project under @GaulProject

VIDEO: WPC uses Facebook Mention to live broadcast his doing on the road for the Gaul Project

MISC: WPC and Grado

Feb 5th:

CLARIFICATION FROM WPC REGARDING DOC:  ‘I’m not so much looking for the aged, though I’d be fine with talking to elders at any stop. I’m open to talking to anyone, young or old, who has an interesting perspective on America’s past, present, or future.’

Feb 4th:

NEWS: WPC to start filing a documentary about America and need your  help.

TOUR: Additional NY date added to In Plainsong tour /  along with Siamese Dream suite to be played during show + Katie Cole to join SP for tour

Happy 42nd birthday to JEFF SCHROEDER


Feb 3rd:

NEWS: SP launches & reveals password for artist presale

Feb 2nd:


AUDIO: WPC on Mancow  /  JC talks to Myth vs Craft

NEWS: SP In Plainsong 2016 to feature Sierra Swan

TOUR NEWS: VIP shows have been publicly added to a majority of shows. PRESALE PASSWORD(s): ELECTRO / PLAINSONG / ACOUSTIC

PIC: WPC makes Radio round, pic 2 , pic 3/ New pic of WPC on twitter account

Feb 1st:

NEWS: Acoustic Tour Announced along with New Recording to Follow Tour  -DvV /

TOUR: VIP Packages currently listed for Chicago, Boston, Louisville & Toronto

HISTORY: FOL released on this date

MISC: See WPC make an appearance @ TNA

Jan 30th:

MISC: James Iha to DJ for non-profit LA Family School event in LA in mid-Feb / James Iha produced track Don’t Feel Quite Right out now

Jan 29th:

AUDIO: JC talking w/ WPC about touring in late spring & writing music (16 mins in) (download interview)

Jan 28th:

PIC: WPC with Dixie on his way to UK

MISC: WPC dinning with Dixie Carter & other TNA executive in UK /Billy Corgan signature bridge & Necks are now on sale

Jan 27th:

VIDEO: Billy Corgan Reverend guitar won NAMM best in show

PIC: WPC spotted in 1st class and giving resturant tips

HISTORY: Mary Star of the Sea was released 13 years ago

Jan 24th:

PIC: WPC w/ Mike Garson

Jan 23rd:

MISC: Author: The JT LeRoy Story features phone calls w/ WPC

Jan 22nd:

VIDEO: WPC gets stopped by TMZ Sports at the airport to talk wrestling

PIC: WPC w/ long time friends / WPC w/ a famous friend

HISTORY: 1979 released 20 YEARS AGO

Jan 21st:

PICS: WPC at NAMM, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 / Jeff at NAMM

Jan 19th:

NEWS: WPC will be in Anaheim, CA for NAMM promoting his new Reverend Guitar on Thursday from 11am-12pm booth #5793

Jan 18th:

VIDEO: Reverend Billy Corgan BC1 Signature Guitar – DvV

NEWS: RIP Dale Griffin, SP ‘Peel Sessions’ producer and Mott The Hoople Drummer – DvV / Additional Q&A w/ WPC BC1 Signature Guitar

Jan 15th:

STORY: Mike Garson Shares Stories of His Time With David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails and More – DvV

Jan 13th:

NEWS: Billy Corgan Reveals How He Got Started In TNA and SP Are On ‘A Little Bit Of A Hiatus’.  – DvV

MISC: JC to be in LA in early Feb

Jan 11th:

NEWS: RIP David Bowie, maybe SP would not have existed without this genius: Space Oddity Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV/Kooks by David Bowie cover/Space Oddity on ROCK 105.3 Radio/@PIXIES: David Bowie: A true InspIration /WPC & Bowie @Taratatà /Interview with JC – DvV

NEWS: Jimmy Chamberlin and Frank Catalano launch Pledgecampagne for Bye Bye Blackbird – DvV

Jan 9th:

HISTORY: Today in 1997 WPC plays at Madison Square Garden to celebrate David Bowie’s 50th birthday, David Bowie & Friends  (read more) – DvV

Jan 5th:

MISC: former SP drummer Mike Byrne has a new FB page for teaching lessons

Jan 4th:

NEWS: WPC releases new pop theme song for Impact Wrestling called “Roustabout”, hear it here

AUDIO: Complete audio of WPC talking with Jennifer Wiegel

VIDEO: WPC talking with Jennifer Wiegel in 9 seagments

 Dec 30th:

PIC: WPC at Zuzu’s

Dec 25th:

VIDEO: Christmastime by SP – DvV

Dec 23rd:

MISC: Info on WPC chat with Jennifer Weigel (cost 99 cents to read)

Dec 22nd:

NEWS: Congrats, WPC father of son Augustus Juppiter. (source 2, source 3) – DvV

Dec 17th:

MISC: SP owned nearly a million US dollars.

Dec 16th:

VIDEO: Jeff talks about Yamaha guitar / watch Jeff play his Yamaha

Dec 14th:

MISC: Jen Weigel talks about her upcoming interview with WPC (btw audience can ask WPC anything) 1:23:23

Dec 9th:

HISTORY: MTAE released on this day

Dec 7th:

AUDIO: Jimmy talks with Scott Cowie starts @ 8:35 (WPC and JC to play together 17:20)

MISC: Deerhunter lead man apologizes to WPC after telling a story of being mistreated when opening for SP during the 2007 residency in Asheville, NC.

Dec 6th:

PIC: WPC spotting – DvV

Dec 4th:

MISC: JC tweets his sadness regarding Scott Weiland passing / WPC pens a msg about Scott Weiland passing

Dec 2nd:

NEWS: WPC to be a guest with Journalist Jenniffer Weigel to talk about Spiritual Understanding for 2hrs tickets are $30

RUMOR: WPC and manager Peter Katasis said to been meeting at Zuzu’s talking about new music & shows

HISTORY: 15 years ago SP played their “Last Show” @ the metro / Live at the Cabaret Metro 10-5-88 was released

FAN PROJECT: Smashing Pumpkin tribute band performance on NYE in Greensboro, North Carolina

Dec 1st:

PIC: WPC with his manager Peter Katsis in background

Nov 3oth:

PIC: JC is exploring the studio space

Nov 26th:

HISTORY: Earphoria released / TAFH boxset released

Nov 21st:

PIC: Chicago History Makers: WPC on the Hubbard Street Mural Project – DvV

Nov 20th:

MISC: Jeff shares a one of his fav guitar / Jeff shows off some vintage style items he just got

HISTORY: 1991-2000 Greatest Hits DVD released

Nov 18th:

HISTORY: Happy Birthday to former touring keyboardist Lisa Harriton

Nov 17th:

MISC: Tommy Lee says working with SP was an honor

Nov 12th:

AUDIO: Jeff works with Ringo Deathstarr on new track

Nov 11th:

HISTORY: If All Goes Wrong was released / Thirty-Three single was released / Today in 1995 MCIS No. 1 US Album Chart – DvV

Nov 9th:

INTERVIEW: Mike Byrne talks about his time with SP

MISC: WPC selling Mayonnaise comp sheet to private bidders / Also selling setlist from SP + KISS show 10/31/98 / James Iha to DJ in LA on Nov 19

Nov 8th:

PIC: WPC spotting / JC with former touring drummer Kenny Aronoff

Nov 5th:

HISTORY: Lull released

MISC: Jeff shares a picture of a guitar he had fixed up / WPC may attend Strand of Oaks show Dec 4th @ the Metro

Nov 4th:

HISTORY: G.L.O.W. released

Nov 3rd:

MISC: See what Jeff is up to with Yamaha

RUMOR: Siddhartha issue + postcard books released before new album – DvV

Nov 2nd:

PICS: From the Madame Zuzu’s Halloween Event


Nov 1st:

NEWS: Jeff Schroeder is doing the music for CU music doc – DvV

Oct 31st:

PIC: WPC taking Polaroids of his attendees 

Oct 30th:

HISTORY: Greatest Hits (Rotten Apples) released

Oct 25th:

NEWS: WPC is selling PI outtake pictures for a bid

Oct 24th:

HISTORY: MCIS released in the USA 20 years ago

Oct 22nd:

VIDEO: RUN2ME music video

Oct 21st:


MISC: BWBW Parody – SL

Oct 18th:

VIDEO: Watch full set of Roger Water show w/ WPC 

Oct 17th:

VIDEO: WPC singing Comfortably Numb w/ Roger Waters / WPC singing Brian Damage w/ Roger Water / WPC w/ Roger Water singing Forever Young /WPC singing Wish You Were Here w/ Roger Waters

Oct 16th:

PIC: JC @ Start-Up

MISC: Mike Byrne and Nicole Fiorentino help out on new album for Sound is Lovv

Oct 15th:

MISC: People and their Car cups are now on sale

Oct 14th:

HISTORY: The Celestials / Inkless released

Oct 13th:

PIC: WPC at the Cubs

NEWS: RUN 2 Me music video has been finished, release date unknown.

OPINION: Is William Patrick Corgan jumping off another cliff by quitting Twitter? You better believe he is!

Oct 6th:


Oct 4th:

PIC: WPC and pals

Oct 3rd:

PIC: WPC at TNA Hall of Fame

Sept 30th:

NEWS: WPC to sell PI outtakes via P+C

HISTORY: Today single released

Sept 29th:

MISC: Sign up for WPC “RBC” Picture Club / WPC and flower

Sept 28th:

MISC: WPC artwork “PINKY”

Sept 26th:

MISC: he may still be @Billy but he is really WPC / postcards at Zuzu’s

Sept 25th:

PIC: WPC spotting @ Cubs game / WPC spotted on TV

Sept 24th:

MISC: Turntables with custom WPC lyrics on sale / SOLD OUT

HISTORY: Oceania 3D in NYC

Sept 23rd:

MISC: new picture quietly posted in “Wherefore” section of P+C

Sept 22nd:

PIC: JC Pumpkin

Sept 21st:

MISC: MM MCIS Mis-pressed / P+C “Parade”

Sept 20th:

PIC: Smiling WPC spotting / smiling again

BIZ: SP reportedly signed with UTA for touring and WPC “interests in fine art, literary and theater.”

MISC: P+C “Driveway”

Sept 19th:

MISC: P+C “In the Kitchen”

Sept 18th:

VIDEO: Vanna’s covers ZERO (with occasional lyrical changes) [WPC likes it]

MISC: P+C “Parking Lot”

Sept 17th:

MISC: P+C “The Fields”

Sept 16th:

PIC: WPC sighting / JC stage tonight

MISC: P+C “Pacific Coast Highway” / Another unique WPC art piece goes up for sale at Zuzu’s

Sept 15th:

MISC: P+C “In Search”

Sept 14th:

MISC: WPC opens new website / MM: Tonight Tonight music prop

Sept 13th:

PIC: JC goes to Bears game

MISC: See JC perform on Sept 16th in Chicago

Sept 12th:

VIDEO: Jeff and WPC playing at Highland Park Mayor event

MISC: Corgan offers artwork at Zuzu’s / Broken Heart lyric turntable at Zuzu’s

Sept 10th:

PIC: WPC spotting

Sept 8th:

MISC: WPC signs LPs for his teahouse / record store

Sept 7th:

HISTORY: Perfect single released on this day

Sept 4th:

PIC: WPC hanging out with Lenny Kravitz

MISC: WPC shares cat pic

Sept 2nd:

MISC: Cherub Rock lyric record played has been sold

Sept 1st:

MISC: MM Siamese Dream Lyric Sheet / Unique Cherub Rock LP Player for sale @ Zuzu’s

Aug 29th:

PICS: Ivory Tower (2, 3, 4)

Aug 28th:

MISC: DJ Ivory Tower returns to Zuzu’s this Saturday

Aug 26th:

NEWS: WPC fund raising for Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering via concert & dinner for $2700

PIC: James Iha and his dog (2) / JI helping out Palaye Royale

Aug 25th:

NEWS: See who is helping out on the new JCC album

PIC: James Iha helps Dreamers in studio

Aug 21st:

VIDEO: JC teases Tribute to Johnny on Seth Meyers! (13 mins in)

PICS: WPC and Mason @ Sirus XM event in Chicago

Aug 20th:

NEWS: JC tweets that they may tease Tribute to Johnny on Seth Meyers / CALX vocals done, Jeff is up next

VIDEO: JC teases Today w/ 8G band on Seth Meyers 13 mins in

PIC: JC / WPC and Jeff featured in Yamaha ad

Aug 19th:

VIDEO: JC tease Cherub Rock w/ 8G band on Seth Meyers 10 mins in

MISC: SPFreaks interview with Greg Sylvester

Aug 18th:

NEWS: WPC makes some changes to CALX, plans to do vocals tomorrow

VIDEO: JC guest drums on Seth Meyers

MISC: WPC cats get feed / MM French Machina Promo

Aug 17th:

NEWS: JC to be playing on Late Night

TWEET: WPC back to work

Aug 14th:

TWEET: WPC mood improves and plans to periscope when he returns to studio

PIC: Fan meets WPC

Aug 12th:

PIC: 2nd pic of Sister Corgan and MM

Aug 10th:

VIDEO: Sister Corgan and Manson perform together / Cincinnati VIP set + partial Q&A / HQ Michigan VIP


Aug 9th:

PERISCOPE: Nashville (archive)

Aug 8th:

MISC: WPC thanks fan on twitter for nice comment

Aug 7th:

VIDEO: Chicago VIP show + Soundcheck from VIP

AUDIO: Sirius interview with WPC & Manson

PERISCOPE Starry night (archive)

PIC: Sister Corgan and Manson / WPC, Manson & Chef Curtis Duffy

Aug 5th:

PERISCOPE: Michigan VIP (archive)

Aug 4th:

NEWS: Corgan visit to WMMR will be on today at 2pm EST / Run2Me video has no exact ready date

AUDIO & VIDEO: Listen to the WMMR interview and performance

VIDEO: JC talks about going music to tech / NY VIP

PIC: Run2Me tease / Jeff is ready to be next SP bass player / WPC at WMMR (more pics from WMMR session)

Aug 3rd:

PIC: WPC with his wrestling pals

MISC: unseen video footage from Yahoo Billy Corgan Incident cicra 2005 (REMOVED BY USER)

HISTORY: Free Tibet

July 31st:

TOUR: WPC & Manson to be on SirusXM at Noon EST on Aug 7th

MISC: JC sees U2 on day offJeff goes to U2 event too / What does JC likes & dislikes about touring again

July 30th:

MISC: Last night NJ show had separate 2 separate party crashers (DON’T ATTEMPT THIS AT ANY SHOW)

July 29th:

PERISCOPE: Holmdel VIP (archive)

VIDEO: Raleigh, NC show in full

HISTORY: Happy Birthday to Mike Garson

July 27th:

PIC: Fan with WPC

MISC: WPC won’t be reading fans tweets / JC pays respects to the passing of Vic Frith

July 26th:

HISTORY: Siamese Dream released

PIC: WPC gets a few records

July 25th:

PERISCOPE: Atlanta vip (archive)

July 24th:

PIC: Father Manson & Father Corgan / Wanna go for a ride?

VIDEO: Spaceboy from VIP Tampa

July 23rd:

INTERVIEW: WPC talks about the forthcoming Smashing Pumpkins album and how his band continues to evolve.


PIC: WPC and Grado

MISC: WPC talks about how he is hunted for autographers  WPC might be taking off time from the social media

July 22nd:

NEWS: WPC talks about how he got a recent song credit

VIDEO: VIP Red Rocks

July 20th:

NEWS: RUN2ME will be the next music video produced by Linda Strawberry (WPC chose the song while LS chose the concept)


MISC: How to get blocked by WPC, part 2, part 3, part 4 / TBK boxset idea “sorta” being consider / Spiteface & others one day may be played live / Alumni SP bass player Nicole will have new track on TV / WPC is open to working with Love again

July 19th:

PERISCOPE: Doug Bus To Austin (archive) / AUSTIN VIP (archive performance / archive Q&A)

PIC: WPC & JC reunite with a Frog 

MISC: 666 shirt is likely gone

July 18th:

PIC: Tourist WPC

July 17th:

VIDEO: partial footage of Jersey Shore VIP @ Dallas / Houston show in full 7/16/15 / 7/28/98 full show / 8/1/98 full show

PERISCOPE: THE POOL (archive) [issue during USA] / Mariachis! (archive) / RIVERWALK (archive)

MISC: What kind of our would WPC love to do / One day WPC may do songs based on indigenous colors 

July 15th:

TOUR: the Tour posters are here and being signed for VIP attendees

MISC: JC is honored to play drums by T. Lee / T. Lee feels he had big shoes to fill 

July 14th:


MISC: WPC gets a new writing credit with an R&B artist / future periscope to feature TBK discussion / WPC makes a social visit to the Perfecto mixer

July 13th:

VIDEO: Partial video of the VIP Q&A from LA / 7/6/96 in full

HISTORY: Cherub Rock single released

MISC: JC wishes Ringo a happy bday

July 12th:


NEWS: Don’t expect a Zwan reissue anytime soon (but someday?)

VIDEO: Phoenix VIP show

MISC: WPC to contact a mother to convey that SP show will be safe

July 11th:

NEWS: WPC talks about the future of SP / WPC reconfirms he will be doing drums for the new SP album

PERISCOPE: Phoenix VIP Q&A (archive)

July 10th:

TOUR: VIP Setlist for LA, audio for Concord, Ca show, Tour Merch online

PERISCOPE: The Wait (archive) / @LDAngeli has a message (archive) /SOUNDCHECK (archive)

MISC: SP music is supposedly sampled in new movie

July 8th:

VIDEO: VIP Concord, CA

PERISCOPE: BC storms the beach (archive)

PIC: JC view last nite

July 7th:

TOUR: VIP Setlist, Soundcheck, Setlist for Concord show, Merch

PERISCOPE: Consolation Prize (archive) / Concord show part 1 (archive), part 2 (archive)

July 6th:

TOUR: SP to play full set run through tonight / IF there is a Europe tour it will be to promote new SP album

PERISCOPE: Soundcheck aftermath (archive) / ...Better have my money (archive)

HISTORY: ZEITGEIST released on this day

MISC: WPC may do less interviews / Why you can’t find MSTOS in digital stores / MM Tarantula uncut 7″

July 5th:

Tour: 1st night of production rehearsals / Hints / Who opens? / Statement on questions /Jimmy’s office / JC heading to San Fran / No plans for LiveOne on this tour

WPC: camus or sartre? / huxley or orwell? / dostoevsky or kafka? /ginsberg or burroughs? / Last time WPC cried / favorite female musician /

Jimmy: Jimmy’s 3 Rush Song Recommendations

Misc: No Ravinia, so far / France may be in the future / Track of WPC’s father’s with WPC is unreleased / Tuning for 99 Floors / Plan to bring Glass back / Does WPC think we are nuts?

July 4th:

Misc: WPC wishes everyone a happy 4th / JC wishes us a happy 4th / WPC wishes fan and fan’s father happy 4th / Room with a view / On the road again / Doug’s supplies / Weak Signal / Wishes fan happy birthday / Doug’s feelings on weak signal / Tatiana Grace on SP practice / The Road (Details) / The road is hard / Kristin Burns photos of rehearsal / Box of Black Cats / WPC retweats fan’s shirt

July 3rd:

TOUR: SP VIP packages almost live / SP VIP Packages now available / Jessica Veronica at SP practice

MISC: Roadtrip tomorrow? / WPC’s Secret Meeting / WPC meets Disney Executive Producer, Director, Development

July 2nd:

TOUR: Meet Lawrence “Lozzy” Upton / SP’s End Times Tour VIP announcement tomorrow

MISC: BC signature acoustic guitar discussed

July 1st:

TOUR: WPC reveals another possible track to be played on tour / Don’t expect Zwan tracks on SP/Manson tour

WPC TWEETS/REPLIES: Wishes SP could play Snail This Time, Slunk / Consider to ask fans for “dream setlist”, thrilled about set w/ JC, Jeff & Jack / Appreciates fans who came to shows for hits, 2007-2012 was SP rebuild / During 07-12 SP might have ended, Enjoyed chatting with fans  Hopes the periscope today gave a vibe of things to come

PERISCOPE: rehearsal video of United States (archive)

June 30th:

NEWS: Yes. Zeitgeist and all album will eventually be reissued

PERISCOPE: Chat at practice (archive)

PICS: WPC + JC, JC on drums

TOUR: Expect to hear this track on the setlist for SP/Manson

MISC: Ginger visits SP rehearsals, WPC to post Periscope later today

June 29th:

TOUR: VIP for SP/Manson tour will be acoustic

PIC: WPC doing private performance for wrestling folk (pic 2, pic 3)

Misc: MM JC Drum Head, No warm up shows in Chi, don’t expect Zeitgeist era tracks on tour, wpc new cats are doing fine, audio Cardinal Rule

June 28th:

NEWS: JC feels humbled by those supporting him

WRESTLING: Periscope on taping PPV show (archive)/ WPC tweets on Slammiversary, 2, 3, 4, 5

June 27th:

NEWS: JC leaves Chicago for rehearsals in LA / WPC trying out an Instagram account WPC not sure if he’ll stay with it, reason 1, 2

PERISCOPE: WPC talks wrestling, plans for rehearsals, & a private show setlist (archive)

PIC: JC kit

MISC: Rock star clothing / WPC thanks supporting cast on InPlainsong tour

June 26th:

WRESTLING: WPC hopes to periscope today (although not all SP fans understand it)

MISC: Once again SP goes where promoters invite / WPC considering an Instagram account / WPC + Manson calibration very likely  / WPC asked Manson if he knew any drummers

June 25th:

PERISCOPE: WPC reflection on InPlainsong (archive) /VIP Minneapolis (archive)

MISC: WPC suggestions to Periscope / Buy WPC Beverly Hills home for almost 5 million

June 24th:

NEWS: WPC plans to start 2 music podcasts featuring new and obscure tracks / Vintage SP merch to make a come back

PERISCOPE: WPC comments on the return of JC (archive)

PIC: STL show

MISC: WPC discourse on music streaming part 3 (even more)/ WPC has ideas on how to improve periscope / SP has asked repeatedly to go to S. Africa

June 23rd:

NEWS: WPC to play in Washington DC for benefit concert w/ Roger Waters and more /

JC returns to SP for Manson tour!

PERISCOPE: On the road again w/ hungry Doug / WPC continues his discourse on music streaming / St Louis Soundcheck (audio archive) / WPC plays a sad song & teases spiteface (audio archive)

June 22nd:

VIDEO: semi complete VIP session from Tulsa / partial Des Moines VIP

MISC: MM, Muzzle Promo

June 21st:

NEWS: Jack Bates will play bass on Manson + SP tour / UK Tour not still unlikely / More In Plainsong type shows in the future is a possibility. / VIP for Manson + SP to be announced soon

PERISCOPE: On the Road Doug

PIC: Jeff & Doug / New shirt for WPC / Jeff / Doug

MISC: Happy Fathers day from WPC & happy solstice too / WPC helps out a fan

June 20

Thanks Tulsa

Photos: WPC + ukulele Stage  / WPC + Katie Cole

Periscope: ROADTRIP with DOUG

June 19

Woody Guthrie Museum /The Great One / PERFECTLY SAID /Thanks Lin at 93 XRT

June 18

Westinghouse Studio One: The Laugh Maker / Thanks to Indianapolis / Short acoustic tour Plan


DJ Ivory Tower Key Chains

June 17

Metal heads / Thanks Pittsburg

Photos: Old National Centrer / WPC + Jeff

Wrestling: Orlando TV Ratings / WPC requests Impact Reviews

June 16th:

PERISCOPE (requires app when not live): On the road to PA

AUDIO: interview with JC

June 15th:

PERISCOPE (requires app when not live): Soundcheck / Jeff / Lozzy + WPC /VIP 1 / VIP 2Buffalo show part 1 / Buffalo show part 2 / part 3 (last song is called Cardinal Rule)

PIC: InPlainsong Merch

June 14th:

VIDEO: WPC 1st periscope broadcast 

NEWS: WPC tweets that SP might stream tomorrow’s soundcheck / WPC to do periscope tonight 

MISC: SP tatt / SP fans results on setlist disclosure / SP headed to Buffalo / Who is WPC  rooting for in the NBA finals / Don’t expect WPC to open the chat in periscope

WRESTLING: WPC interview audio

June 13th:

MISC: WPC laughs politely to Ginger joke about returning to SP / Katie has a good rehearsal with SP

MISC VIDEO: What you can expect if u see SP in Buffalo (part 2)

June 12th:

NEWS: WPC explain that the SP lineup is dynamic part 2

MISC: WPC enjoying a RUSH concert / Ginger Pooley jokes about returning to SP

June 11th:

NEWS: Vote for if you think SP should reveal In Plainsong setlist early (see right bar)

PIC: Jeff’s shiny new guitar finish / WPC drops off records for sale

MISC: WPC pays tribute to Ornette Coleman

WPC WRESTLING TWEET: Wrestling shirts / RIP Dusty Rhodes (additional tribute)

June 10th:


NEWS: SP next album done w/ basic, just vocals + overdubs to be done post tour

PIC: Adore era pics of Iha and D’arcy

MISC: WPC continues his discourse on digital music streaming / turns 16 / WPC new kittens health records released

WPC WRESTLING: WPC asking for feedback from tonight’s  TNA Impact

June 9th:

NEWS: Drum + Bass for the upcoming SP InPlainsong tour (Drummer for Summer too)

PICS: WPC adopts 2 little ones (healthy kitties) / Has WPC been brushing?

MISC: WPC has 4 girls living with him / JC what is truth / how WPC feels / WPC co-worker calls it “rat in a cage” / To Sheila, For Martha, Run2Me, 1979, Behold! The Night Mare, and Pug appear to be on the upcoming setlist (pic taken down but up here)

June 8th:

VIDEO: WPC explains what makes a good live setlist

PIC: WPC attends Blackhawk game w/ Peter Katsis & Tommy Lipnick / James Iha writing songs  w/ Dreamers

MISC: Win tickets for the STL show June 23rd / WPC tweets compainsion / fake “signed” guitar / WPC rule on signing guitars (follow up 1, follow up 2) / Memorabilia Monday/ JC stamps for “performance rights” again / JC to be a judge at Hack-A-Thon on Saturday in Chicago


June 7th:

MISC: WPC gives a discourse about streaming music via twitter

June 6th:

NEWS: In Plainsong setlist is up to 28 possible songs / WPC appreciate recent support

June 5th:

NEWS: Rolling Stone talks to WPC about the upcoming Manson + SP tour5 part tweet add-on from WPC

TOUR: Get 5 of your friends to go to see SP + Manson for $66 plus fees

June 4th:

NEWS: WPC calls the new album 1st break through since Adore / WPC ask for your recommendation for Adore suite for In Plainsong setlist using #ADORESP (see what is being suggested) / Behold the Nightmare added to In Plainsong setlist

PIC: WPC at In Plainsong Rehearsal 

WRESTLING: WPC audio interview with VInce Russo (Video part 1)

June 3rd:

NEWS: VIP info for In Plainsong / WPC is picking through song lists for In Plainsong tour

VIDEO: WPC playing Today acoustically 

MISC: SP popularity on YouTube

WRESTLING: WPC talked with Vince Russo’s The Brand / WPC to be on a Dixie Carter reality episode?

June 2nd:

NEWS: WPC says SP will play tracks live that he had never played live before during in Plainsong tour (list of songs never played live)

HISTORY: The End Is the Beginning is the EndLyric / Adore released in the US

June 1st:

NEWS: Rehearsals for the in Plainsong Tour starts today / VIP for in Plainsong to go on sale soon / VIP will feature tracks from Gish/SD

MISC: Memorabilia Monday

May 30th:

PICS: JC playing last night at Green Mill

HISTORY: Adore was released 

WRESTLING: WPC talks about  VETS with wrestlers

May 29th:

VIDEO: WPC playing Perfect

NEWS: WPC to review all 10 songs for new album / consider the sound of the new album to be progressive / New album will be the last “Hello”  / all 10 basic tracks for the new album are done / after hearing 5 tracks WPC calls it “pretty different”

MISC: Cover of the Week to retire Aug 1st


May 28th:

NEWS: Almost done w/ the last track of the next album

HISTORY: Gish was released 24 years ago (wpc comments / jc comments)

MISC: WPC at Blackhawk game w/ puck, Four Year Strong to cover BWBW

WPC WRESTLING TWEETS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

May 27th:

PIC: JC drumming for snake drums

May 26th:

VIDEO: WPC thanks vets, troops & those who sacrificed their lives / Video of WPC & Jeff playing SIYL & talking about helping vets

NEWS: SP still working on X’s/O’s / WPC reveals that the setlist for the Plainsong tour will feature 26 or more songs / Will WPC be the next drummer for SP 

MISC: Where do WPC & Manson dine when out on the town in Chicago / MM tuesday shows off Gish Basement tape

May 25th:

VIDEO: Smashing Pumpkins perform Drum + Fife @ National Memorial Day Parade (39:30)

PICS: WPC & Jeff w/ fan at NMDP / WPC with the troops / Soundcheck  / Performance? pic (not D+F), pic 2 / D+F performance pic, pic 2, pic 3 pic 4 / WPC with his wrestling buddies / WPC singing D+F / Awesome pic of WPC & Jeff

INTERVIEW: JC interview 

MISC: WPC wishes everyone a happy Memorial DaySP played 2 or 3 tracks / says SP played two tracks

HISTORY: turns 4 years old

May 24th:

NEWS: WPC confirms that 3 songs will be played on Monday’s NMDP in DC

PIC: WPC arrives in DC

May 23rd:

VIDEO: WPC playing Dorian

MERCH: New DJ Ivory Tower Keychain available in store @ Zuzu’s


May 22nd:

NEWS: One last track for new album starting work on today / WPC expects a new single to be ready from the new Smashing Pumpkins album, by the end of the year

HISTORY: On this day the Smashing Pumpkins returned to the stage for the first time in 7 years


May 21st:

NEWS: Smashing Pumpkins to perform at Memorial Day

HISTORY: Tarantula single released on this date / Happy Birthday to Matt Walker

MISC: Order $130 special edition tasting box prepared by WPC from FarmToFood and you may get a special bonus from WPC / AUS band teases 1979 during a cover on Triple J

WPC WRESTLING TWEET: 1, 2 (article on tweet 1 & 2)

May 20th:

MISC: WPC to be in DC for Memorial Day (SP to participate)

WRESTLING: WPC been cooking with his new boss / excited for the the future of TNA

May 19th:

MISC: Memorabilia Monday (tuesday) Ava Adore / SP tech Mike Oor talks about modifying guitars & amps

May 18th:

PIC: WPC and Manson @ press conference, All Access pass from Press Conf.

NEWS: SP + Manson to possibly play Girls Just Want to Have Fun during tour (video) / WPC most personal song is ‘Disarm’ (video). Manson heard MCIS disc 1 only for a long time (video).

MISC: SP Merch returns to Zuzu’s website

REMINDER: WPC to have a video streaming Q&A with Manson tonight in Chi town


May 15th:

NEWS: WPC & Manson to do a Q&A in Chicago on Monday, May 18th

MISC: WPC says his peace for the late BB King & JC does too / random LPs will be signed from SP merch sale

WPC WRESTLING TWEETS: “best booked things you’ll see on TV

May 14th:

NEWS: SP back in studio working on their  NOT last album b/c SP may never die

MISC: 72 hr SP Merch sale at Zuzu’s

May 13th:

NEWS: Billy’s teahouse to sell SP merch online tomorrow (ONLINE ONLY) / starts at 9am CST); merch including t-shirts, LPs and posters, including signed merch

MISC: 93XRT Chicago to play rare SP record / Geek USA played at NY Ranger playoff game

WPC WRESTLING TWEETS: The Iron Sheik (IS reply) / praise to fellow enthusiast  / Good Old Pre-Wrestling match interview

May 12th:

NEWS: WPC working on fresh setlist for in Plainsong tour / EX COPS to open for SP during Plainsong tour

MISC: #SPMemorabilia / WPC says a tra la to Courtney Love

WRESTLING: WPC tweets about the hard work put in for his new job, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 / WPC replies to fans about wrestling, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / WPC new boss talks about him with Steve Austin

May 11th:

PIC: Drum + Fife promo drum

NEWS: James Iha to score music for a kid show

MISC: Memorabilia Monday BWBW art

WRESTLING: WPC wrestling based tweet , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

May 10th:

MISC: WPC wishes a Happy Mothers Day to his departed mother, as well to all mothers / JC wishes a happy mother day

May 9th:

PIC: WPC with TNA boss, Dixie

WRESTLING: WPC to be on Total Wrestling Show

May 8th:

MISC: WPC twitter name now say William Corgan rather than Billy Corgan still using @Billy handel

WRESTLING: WPC talks to Jim Ross for Fox Sports 

May 7th:

PIC: JC drum set

MISC: WPC congrats Cub manager for calling out umps

May 6th:

VIDEO: WPC at National Concert Day (3:24)

NEWS: WPC doesn’t even remember the Daphne Descends promo / Press Release about Easter Seals Dixon Center & SP on tour / RollingStone reports on SP Vets efforts

PIC: WPC with members of Lifeouse

WRESTLING: WPC on with Jericho podcast 14:30

May 5th:

VIDEO: WPC on MSNBC talks about his work with Veterans / WPC says music business run by feckless idiots / WPC talks to the Associated Press about helping Vets

PIC: WPC down on Wall Street / WPC at the NYSE / WPC with at MSNBC (another) / WPC on MSNBC / WPC signing fruit at the NYSE / WPC before on MSNBC / WPC at National Concert Day event in NYC pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 / 1984 / WPC and CNBC anchor / WPC with fan, pic 2

WRESTLING: WPC to be in FL this weekend for the wrestling event as well as media calls later this week

May 4th:

NEWS: Basics of a new track have been finished

MISC: WPC express thanks as he is enjoying the genius of a new synth 

May 3rd:

PIC: WPC at b-day party at Zuzu’s

MISC: WPC shares a story with a funny bit about a former touring musician playing w/ SP / Got a toddler? Target is selling SP shirts just for them

May 2nd:

NEWS: Busy WPC still working on memoirs plus 10hrs of studio & working on wrestling

May 1st:

TOUR: Billy Corgan will be making an appearance in NYC on May 5th

HISTORY: Happy Birthday to D’arcy

April 30th:

NEWS: SP is hustling on new track

MISC: WPC applauds Blackhawk player

April 28th:

NEWS: 5 tracks done for next SP album

VIDEO: Fan shares his SP Vinyl Collection (in French)

WRESTLING: WPC shares a “recent” purchase, of a collection from  Chicago promoter Bob Luce w/ 9k pics, which he hopes to share on the web, along with other wrestlers in their absolute prime / Possible showing at Zuzu’s (hint from a RT) & confirmed now

April 27th:

VIDEO: Watch Rock Icon episode online of Billy Corgan / WPC talks about joining Impact Wrestling

NEWS: WPC returns to wrestling scene with Impact Wrestling / It will be a “full-time endeavor” / WPC is trending on twitter because of the big wrestling news

MISC: WPC wishes happy birthday to KISS guitar player / WPC plans to bring former wrestler back to the ring / Memorabilia Monday: Golden Gish

April 26th:

PIC: WPC with wrestler Nattie

MISC: WPC KōanWPC happy with the vision of ZuZu’s coming to fruition

April 24th:

CONTEST: Win tickets SP/Manson show in Michigan

NEWS: Billy using keyboard from MCIS/Adore sessions on newest track

PIC: JC at new drum set / WPC and Cubs fan

TWEETS: WPC happy about sales of tickets for acoustic shows / WPC loves Robin Trower new album

HISTORY: On this date D’arcy played her last show with SP

April 23rd:

VIDEO: Drum + Fife on VH1 Big Morning Buzz / NEW Sneak Peaks from Rock Icons episode about WPC

NEWS: Smashing Pumpkins to be on VH1 Big Morning Buzz today / Possible VIP show for acoustic tour w/ Gish era set

TOUR: Nashville show added to SP/Manson tour for Aug 9th

HISTORY: ZERO single released

April 22nd:

NEWS: Acoustic-Electro shows to have a special Adore suite in the setlist

HISTORY: Former SP bassist Ginger Reyes-Pooley birthday is today

April 21st:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A Q&A with WPC about the Smashing Pumpkins Acoustic-Electro tour

TOUR: Smashing Pumpkins have 4 new tour dates in mid-west called “In Plainsong – An Acoustic-Electro Evening” pre-sale starts Friday / Munhall, PA will have the a show as well / 6th date in KC, MO June 22nd / 7th show June 15th in Tonawanda NY / 8th and finally show Tulsa, OK 

VIDEO: Sneak Peak of Billy Corgan on Rock Icon episode


NEWS: Official Press release about SP acoustic tour

April 20th:

NEWS: 4 tracks of 10 are done for new SP album plus, 2 new titles

MISC: Memorabilia Monday “I Am One”

April 19th:

MISC: WPC comments on Chicago Bull star road he traveled to return

April 18th:

VIDEO: What does WPC think of Kris Bryant

PIC: JC at Lake FX Chicago

MISC: The DJ Ivory Tower keychain now available online (out of stock)

April 17th:


ON THIS DATE: Widow Wake My Mind/Song For A Son & Astral Planes/A Stitch in Time 7″ released

MISC: Frank Catalano talks about working with JC

April 16th:

TOUR: See Jimmy with Frank Catalano the next 3 Andy Jazz Club shows

TRIBUTE: Watch the Mellon Collie Tribute Show in full

April 15th:

NEWS: WPC to be feature on Rock Icons on VH1 April 25th 10pm

April 14th:

NEWS: 3rd track for the next SP album has a name

PIC: Iha in Japan

April 13th:

NEWS: WPC tweets 2 tracks are nearly complete with goal to be done w/ new album before soon to be announced acoustic tour

April 12th:

VIDEO: Where do i go for SP / Manson tickets? / WPC said he might start a new wrestling business in The After Show(2:07)

April 11th:

TRIBUTE: Tribute show Thirty-Three / Tonight, Tonight tribute / Infinite Sadness clip / Stumbleine / Thru the Eyes of Ruby

April 10th:

VIDEO: WPC talks with Bloomberg about streaming music and more

NEWS: 1 song down possible 9 more to go for the next SP album

PIC: JI at recent show

April 9th:

PIC: WPC and Jeff plays a private charity show

MISC: Buy JC house

April 8th:

TRIBUTE: Mellon Collie unplugged: 20 years of Infinite Sadness TONIGHT in San Francisco (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5, setlist, video We Only Come Out at Night )

PIC: Jimmy and Billy side by side

April 7th:

NEWS: SP back in studio for 8 weeks / New album name still surrounded in mystery / Former SP bassist to have interview with SPFreaks

MYSTERY: Drum + Fife promo has unannounced or canceled Nashville show listed

BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday to former SP bassist Nicole

April 6th:

NEWS: WPC  says they will be doing acoustic shows before Manson Tour! 

VIDEO: WPC talks to Fusion about Monuments to An Elegy

PIC: Iha hits Japan for upcoming show / WPC with other Cub fans

TOUR: Concord, CA show selling “Fast Lane” tickets to “skip the line

April 5th:

VIDEO: Watching WPC on That Metal Show 

HISTORY: Digital box set “Rarities and B-Sides” was released 10 years ago

April 4th:

VIDEO: Hear WPC funny fitness secret and his real age / That Metal Show Extra w/ WPC 

April 3rd:

MCIS TRIBUTE: Podcast on the upcoming fan MCIS tribute along with interview with SPFreak contruibuter Geo

VIDEO: Smashing Pumpkins on The Tonight Show / WPC & Jeff on GMA

PIC: WPC & Clark the Cub / WPC with the Nationals mascot / WPC with all the attending MLB mascots / WPC with A’s mascot / WPC with Fusion editor and producer (pic 2) / Pics backstage at JF

NEWS: WPC returns to his Teahouse to spin tunes tomorrow / WPC and Manson hold a surprise Reddit Q&A / WPC says they will be doing VIP shows / SP will be the closing act / Machina reissue held up by label dispute / WPC thinks the TEOT tour will lead to more touring offers / Will Manson & SP playing Eye together /

April 2nd:

TOUR: Get tickets using presale code ENDTIMES OR Monuments OR MARILYN / Special sale price going on via Groupon

PIC: WPC backstage with Catherine Townsend, WPC in DC, WPC with fan

April 1st:

NEWS: WPC to be on That Metal Show on Saturday, Jimmy to be part of 93XRT Cub’s Opening Night broadcast

MISC: James Iha Apr Fools joke

PIC: WPC with Veterans Services group / 2nd pic


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