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Aug 20th:

Guitar Center interview from last year

Aug 19th:

Lowest price for Adore reissue now $72.42 and about $1.99 for shipping

Another LOWER price via Sears for the Adore reissue $78.25 w/ free shipping

New lowest price for Adore reissue $84.98 w/ free shipping

Aug 18th:

Memorabilia Monday reflects on Starchildren

Billy Corgan has been nominated by a Cubs pitcher to take the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS

Win TAFH on vinyl

Aug 16th:

BC plays “Honestly” with a fan singing

Aug 15th:

VIP Package available for Rivana show

Aug 13th:

Cheapest Adore Super Deluxe for Canadians courtesy of Deckard

Adore reissue promo video

Aug 12th:

Adore Super Deluxe on sale for $85.49 + free shipping

Poster for Ravinia show

Aug 11th:

Billy did an interview for Illinois Entertainer x Dynasty Podcast

JC sighting

Aug 8th:

Zuzu’s adds more signed items to it store

Alt Nation review of Adore reissue

Aug 6th:

Last AEGEA email update 

Aug 5th:

Zuzu’s selling old SP records at its store

JC & Frank Catalano on WGN

Alt Nation to review the Adore reissue in a few days

Limited number of AEGEA 3rd prints now on sale

Aug 4th:

Jimmy Chamberlin/Frank Catalano Love Supreme Collective CD Release Party

Video of Billy’s AEGEA release party including Q&A

Aug 3rd:

Billy spotted at thrift store

BC with Cherri Bomb member

Aug 1st:

Still want a copy of AEGEA sign up for the subscription before Aug 5th

July 31st:

First picture of AEGEA 2nd pressing

JC will join Cory Chisel, Richie Ramone and others for a salute to Tom Petty

July 30th:

JC shows with Frank Catalano

2nd Pressing of AEGEA to be shipped tomorrow

Billy Corgan interview after APMA

New Adore t-shirt for sale on Zuzu’s

Pre 0rder the Adore reissue on LP from Zuzu’s

July 29th:

JC thanks ppl for supporting new album with Frank Catalano

SPN mobile site now loads smoothly

July 28th:

MM: Zwan press release and CD

Tommy Lee praises Billy to ABC NEWS RADIO

July 24th:

James at Fuji Rock 2014

July 23rd:

3rd pressing of AEGEA to be offered soon

Super Deluxe edition of Adore soon to be sold out

CM PUNK interviews Billy and Jeff

EX COP recording done with Corgan in Chicago

Listen what Billy is tagged as the executive produced

BC says (again) not many more years on stage

JC comments on a young drummers cover

July 22nd:

EX COPS single comes out tomorrow

July 21st:

CMPunk and BC

Billy accepts the vanguard award

BC backstage /pic 2 / pic 3

Right off the red carpet

red carpet time with Billy / pic 2 / pic 3 /pic 4 /pic 5

BC with Kellin Quinn 

Billy is on a roadtrip to APMA / 2nd pic / 3rd pic /4th pic

pic of AEGEA / 2nd pic

Memorabilia Monday touches on the “Untitled” Masterdisk CD

July 20th:

Billy has finished answering fans Q’s, Answers coming Tuesday

July 17th:

AEGEA starts shipping

Adore tote bag for sale for $20 / t-shirt for sale for 33

New pre-order with teas, autograph and special edition Adore tote bag revealed for $150

Billy with his next Executive Producer project.

AEGEA is ready to ship

July 16th:

“AEGEA” is being signed

July 15th:

Press release says Billy will play ChicagoKid tracks at upcoming show along w/ work

Sheikh Records giving away sign Pumpkins posters

July 14th:

Rumor of SP at Soundwave is being denied

More AEGEA material arrive

Billy reflects on the early “The Smashing Pumpkins” sampler

July 12th:

PIC of Billy at Zuzu’s doing his DJ thing

Rumor: SP to play Soundwave 2015

Billy to dj at Zuzu’s

July 11th:

AEGEA tidbit

July 9th:

AEGEA has arrived for BC to sign

Billy Corgan Ravinia show tickets are on sale via GoldStar for $30

July 8th:

Music Vault releases a number of Live Pumpkins clips that have recently seen the light of day

July 7th:

Billy Corgan, Tommy Lee, and producer Howard Willing

BC talks about one of The Everlasting Gaze guitars that were broken

July 2nd:

Billy talks eating in Chicago and Zuzu’s

June 30th:

Old pic of BC and Manson

JC thanks ppl for coming out to a recent show

JC takes a pic with a young fan

June 26th:

Coldplay loves The Smashing Pumpkins

June 25th:

Nicole says she “may” tour with SP next year.

John Dolmayan discuss trying out as a drummer for the Pumpkins

June 24th:

another Pic of BC and his recent award

SPFreaks talks with Mark Ignoffo (former SP producer)

Pic of BC and Chicago based photographer

June 23rd:

Memorabilia Mondays shows off Gish Mailer

June 21st:

DJ Ivory Tower spins tunes at Zuzu’s tonight

June 20th:

Ringo Deathstarr gets to hear new Pumpkins material.

news about Billy’s RPRO show on AMC

Billy’s cat get a twitter account / Now BC has seen everything

June 19th:

Oceania turns 2

Pic of BC and RPro owners before receiving the Jesse White Award

June 18th:

Billy and his latest award

Billy to receive award for helping Chicago kids tonight

June 17th:

Billy to be featured in Food Network Magazine in Jul/Aug

June 16th:

Billy gives an update about his upcoming spiritual memoir

June 14th:

Pic of Billy after RPro photo shoot

June 13th:

BC to introduce a new feud at RPRO show

June 7th:

Billy Corgan art on display in NY

June 6th:

Billy Corgan tweets our cover of the week

the Ivory Tower returns to DJ at his tea shop

June 5th:

All a-board

for his influence “on the alternative-rock canon.” 

June 3rd:

Kristin Burns to photography Billy and Tommy in the studio (pic of KB and BC)

June 2nd:

On this date in 2003 the “Lyric”  single was released

On this date in 1997 “TEITBITE” single was released 

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