Blank Page September 2013

Sept 30th:

Smashing Pumpkins message board has a little facelift

TC&L online store is now oepn

Today” turns 20

Sept 27th:

TC&L continue to practice

Smashing Pumpkins fans are holding a 25th anniversary get together at Zuzu’s Oct 5th

Additional video from Patch from Zuzu’s 1st birthday

Sept 26th:

Picture of Billy at Zuzu 1 year anniversary2345678

Billy at Vernissage

TC&L  are now on Instagram

Video of TC&L rehearsals

Billy Corgan with WGN 123456,

Sept 25th:

Nicole will be on AXS TV on Oct 7th

Madame Zuzu to be on WGN tomorrow morning (perhaps with the owner?)

UniversalMusicKorea has their own Oceania Live in NYC trailer

I send this warning over to you… Jesse Corgan warns Billy in a new Resistance Pro related tweet.

Mike Byrne side band, Bearcubbin’ has finished writing its last song for their upcoming album ‘girls with fun haircuts’


Sept 24th:

TC&L EP Ellis Bell is released

Sept 23rd:

TC&L to do a Facebook Q&A tomorrow 5pm PST

TC&L announces the winners for their free digital download giveaway / Others on Facebook

TC&L get some airtime on the world famous KROQ

Sept 20th:

James Iha with Yukihiro  / on stage /at dinner

TC&L to make a music video in a few weeks for “Ellis Bell”

Find out which French film is Billy Corgan’s favorite

Smashing Pumpkins tweet about tomorrows premier of Oceania Live in NYC

Former touring keyboardist Lisa Harriton will be playing a show tonight in Hollywood

Sept 19th:

Billy visits Expo Chicago for The International Exposition of Modern/Contemporary Art & Design

Nicole gets a new fuzz pedal.

Nicole wants to get TC&L twiiter account to 1k followers

Win a digital copy of TC&L EP with a simple RT

Sept 17th:

A chat with Billy coming to Rolling Stone Indonesia

Absolute Punk is giving away an Oceania Live in NYC CD/DVD today

Billy tweets how WWE may determine a new champion.

The Smashing Pumpkins social feeds shares that Billy Corgan buddy, Mancow Muller show is on tonight (Billy tweets about it too)

Sept 16th:

“TC&L seem determined to take their efforts out of the realm of ‘side project'”

Smashing Pumpkins post about upcoming premier of Oceania: LIVE IN NYC

Tim Rutili of Red Red Meat talks about his record store rivalry with Billy Corgan

TC&L to stream new EP tomorrow

Nicole tweets TC&L rehearsal setlist

Sept 14th:

Nicole at TC&L rehearsals

Sept 13th:

Sierra Swan shares memories of recording album / 2nd memory

TC&L last teaser for the track “Bring It”

Billy Corgan goes out with Resistance Pro Positive Outreach Program.

Smashing Pumpkins Facebook Page post about Resistance Pro Positive Outreach Program.

James Iha with Yukihiro and others talking about upcoming show with them.

Sept 12th:

James Iha in Japan to help Yukihiro Takahashi / pic of James in Japan

The Cold and Lovely to have a show on Oct 3rd in LA tickets are $10-12

TC&L teaser for “Blue in Green Again”

Sept 11th:

Crave is giving away Oceania Live in NYC 2CD/DVD package

Huffington post takes note of TC&L new EP

TC&L teaser for “Red Eye” / and for “Doll”

Sept 10th:

Billboard ranks Smashing Pumpkins 11th of top 50 alt rock bands (thnx to Ben for the tip)

Sept 9th:

Nicole briefly talks about the Pumpkins tour and her hope to bring TC&L to South America.

TC&L Repetition Teaser from “Ellis Bell” EP

James Iha covers Yukihiro Takahashi – Where Are You Heading To? (for tribute cd) –original– /-cover

Stay tune for more “video teasers” from the Cold and Lovely

Nicole hopes for Veruca Salt to tour with the Cold and Lovely

The Audiophile 96kHz/24bit version of MCIS is avaliable online again

Sept 8th:

Mike side band Bearcubbin’ starts playing shows again

Nicole preps for possible touring for The Cold & Lovely

Sept 6th:

KROQ “talks” to Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan to be at next Resistance Pro event

New pro shot video from the Moscow show

New pictures from the Pumpkins Moscow show

Sept 5th:

13 years of Machina 2

Tonight, Tonight inspires a game

Sept 4th:

Billy Corgan reaches 250k followers

Interview with Billy in GQ now online

Inside Pumpkinland 2

Sept 3rd:

Video of Jimmy Chamberlin playing at Andy’s Chicago Jazz club

James Iha latest real estate deal

Oceania Live in NYC DVD/CD for $23.39

Oceania Live in NYC Blu Ray $17.99 @ Sears / or Kmart

Cherie Currie, former lead singer of The Runways, reveals that “Boulevards of Splendor” is a song written by and featuring Billy Corgan.

Katelan Foisy talks about making the cover of the Cold and Lovely EP