Blank Page September 2012

Sept 29th:

Review of the Smashing Pumpkins show in Tulsa

Billy suggest his version of Identify to be on the Machina reissue

Sept 28th:

VIDEO: Billy explains the Oceania Tour setlist

Billy mention another song that may be played at pre-show

Billy suggest that For God & Country should of be acoustic

Local Houston prompters are the reason for no SP show

Brief interview with Billy regarding the upcoming Milwaukee show

Billy confirms Zeitgeist to get an LP release / as well as a remix

Billy suggest the band may play some Zwan songs when the Zwan album is reissued

Sept 27th:

US Board Portal recovers missing clothing

VIDEO: Billy playing the celestials at the Flemion’s residence.

Nicole looks at the lost clothing with compassion.

The Smashing Pumpkins clothing are stolen. (the Sheik shirt apparently made it)

Sept 26th:

Billy Corgan tells fan a Mellon Collie press release will be out soon along w/ a big announcement.

Mellon Collie Reissue on Vinyl is 4 discs according to

Nicole shares a picture of her with the Go Go’s

The most recent version of Black Sunshine is on YouTube

Sept 25th:

Billy to have a new interview on Rolling Stone Mexico.

Billy enjoying time antiquing in TX. (read what he bought / see what else he got)

Sept 24th:

INTERVIEW: James denies being asked back into SP

The Chariot reached out to Billy to work on their new album, but timing didn’t work out.

Video of the meet and greet in Mexico

INTERVIEW: James Iha talks about growing up and playing KISS at his first live show

Sept 23rd:

Billy Corgan to be on the Carson Daly show Wednesday Sept. 26th

Sept 22nd:

LMG Touring Maps Worldwide OCEANIA Tour for Smashing Pumpkins

SPFreaks claims to have image of Oceania VIP Tour Poster

Madina Lake to support the Pumpkins in Milwaukee

Nicole spots the band picture on a bus.

Video interview of Billy at his tea house

Sept 20th:

Ringo Deathstarr to support the Pumpkins in Tulsa, OK

Sept 19th:

Billy offers Micheal Jackson daughter Paris passes for upcoming SP show after seeing her art depicting the Zeitgeist cover.

Little Egypt and Robby Starbuck talk about the Owatta music video.

James Iha took over V Cast Music check out the Q&A123456789101112131415161718.

The Smashing Pumpkins rehearsed a Zwan song.

Sept 18th:

Sierra Swan tweets picture of Billy and “hottie” Nicole at rehearsals.

Billy Corgan video interview at recent RPRO show

Billy says it would be a dream to open for RUSH

Billy hangs out at the FOX backlot

Billy clarifies to San Francisco alternative radio station Live 105 the difference between selling your past and celebrating.

Mike rocks so hard that a part of broken drum sticks hits him

Billy Corgan tells MTVHive the next album is going be cruel record.

Sept 17th:

Billy Corgan is looking for some employees for his tea house.

Interview with Greg Bates from Billy’s old band Coat of Eyes

Smashing Pumpkins tour rehearsals have started

Sept 16th:

Billy gives advice to band who just finished their first live show.

Sept 14th:

Patrons of tonight Resistance Pro show will be enter for a SP VIP giveaway.

James Iha solo album now available for order in the UK.

Sept 12th:

James Iha says Billy and him broke up in 2000.

Sept 11th:

Take Sneak Peak of Billy’s Tea Shop tomorrow

The Smashing Pumpkins to begin to rehearse starting on Sunday

James Iha album available for a free listen on on Team CoCo

Billy reads from “The Beautiful and Damned,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald at Highland Park, IL Library.

Sept 10th:

Billy with KISS

Mike Byrne takes stage with Jane Addiction

Billy shows off a shirt for his tea house

Sept 7th:

Billy Corgan radio interview with 89.3 the current talks about the issues with tours

Eater post an article about Billy’s new teahouse, with a beautiful new picture

One Heart One Diamond used in “Stand up to Caner” ad.

Theologian Billy talks about heaven

Nicole shares her favorite makeup

Professor Billy has thought of teaching songwriting

Billy says his teahouse will have an online store with shirts, mugs and custom teas

Sept 6th:

Billy Corgan interview with wXRT

Billy tweets now playing

New audio interview with Billy Corgan with Lux

Sept 5th:

Iha interview

Short video from Beauty is Embarrassing talking about the tonight, tonight set

Sept 4th:

Commercial for Monterrey, Mexico show

Commercial for Mexico City show

A piano appears to be at Madame Zuzu and some dude is playing it

Billy Corgan would like you to help kickstart….

Billy to be featured on the cover of a magazine.

Paul Elledge is photographing Billy Corgan on location today.

Sept 3rd:

Billy accursed of playing mind games

Sept 1st:

Billy Corgan’s ride

Panopticon shows up as next “single” for Oceania