Blank Page October 2013

Oct 31st:

Jeff is “currently living in Seoul enjoying the vibrant music and art scene the city has to offer.”

Jeff makes guest guitar apperances while at MU:CON this Oct / 2nd video

Billy helps name Sierra Swan new album

Billy at a recent Resistance Pro show

Nicole outfit for TC&L Halloween show

Oct 30th:

The Ivory Tower is spinning his vinyl.

Nicole discloses her guilty pleasure and more general info about herself

The Ivory Tower returns to Zuzu’s spin some “spooky tunes” tonite at 730pm

Oct 29th:

Bearcubbin’ to play a free show Nov 10th

Rocksmith release multi SP downloadable tracks (thx to Brian)

Pictures of Billy at L’Atalante (thnx to iya)

Picture of Billy featured at Rock Art show

Oct 28th:

Bearcubbin is recording drums / Bearcubbin in studio video /Mike’s drum kit pic / Mike playing drums for new Bearcubbin’ track

Oct 24th:

The Ivory Tower at work

SPFreaks talk to TC&L Megan and Nicole

Nicole talks about her current work with TC&L

Picture of Billy talking about ” L’Atalante”; last night

Oct 23rd:

Reminder: Billy Corgan to share his thoughts on “L’Atalante”; his favorite French film tonight

The Ivory Tower setups for upcoming “Thursday’s psych-blowout”

BWBW single turns 18

MCIS turns 18

Oct 21st:

The Ivory Tower to return to Zuzu’s this Thursday 

A video sample of the game play with Cherub Rock on Rocksmith 2014 

Corgan buys local real estate.

The Ivory Tower at work

TC&L to play the Viper Room Oct 30th

Billy gives himself a DJ name “THE IVORY TOWER”

Oct 19th:

DJ Billy

Oct 18th:

Billy to spin records at Zuzu’s (pic)

Oct 15th:

Look what is in Sierra Swans CD player

What is your favorite bonus track from the reissues so far?

Alt Press is giving away a copy of Oceania Live in NYC

Oct 10th:

Billy with RPro POP @ Fenger High School

Pictures from TC&L photo shoot1234

Oct 9th:

Billy to be at RPro Positive Outreach Program tomorrow

Oct 8th:

TC&L shooting a full length video

Mike wants to start a Papa Roach cover band

Oct 7th: 

Pictures from TC&L show

Oct 4th:

Vieuphoria turns 19

Pisces Iscariot turns 19

Oct 3rd:

The Pumpkins official socail media outlets post about the Infinite Sadness Cover contest

TC&L to tweet and instagram from their show tonight

TC&L to play their record release show tonite, taking the stage at 11:15pm

A cover of Bodies can be heard on Jimmy Fallon (thnx to Darren)

Oct 2nd:

Nicole puts on some make-up

Billy Corgan will share w/ you his favorite French film “L’Atalante” by Jean Vigo on Oct 23rd!

Madame Zuzu’s talked about on

The Pumpkins official socail media outlets post about the tribute show at Zuzu

Oct 1st:

Jimmy Chamberlin to play at Belated New Year’s Eve party in Chicago, IL.

Which version of Oceania Live in NYC did you get?