Blank Page October 2012

Oct 29th:

Montreal VIP Q&A

James Iha selling special 7?

Toronto VIP Q&A (with archive talk)

Boston VIP Q&A

Oct 27th:

Creator of Scott Pilgrim vs the world calls Oceania best work since MCIS

Oct 26th:

James Iha audio interview

Oct 25th:

Audio interview with James (starts at 20 mins in)

James will be playing in Paris and the Netherlands

Oct 24th:

VIP Q&A in Denver

Gibson will have a new interview with Billy and Jeff in the coming week

James Iha headed to the UK December 4th

Oct 23nd

James Iha to perform at Vodafone Mexefest in December.

TAFH reissue has video content selected track selection still going on.

Billy says the Double Door tapes have issues.

Billy is pleased with TAFH remaster,

Oct 22nd:

Billy Corgan reaches 200k followers on twitter.

Little Egypt and Shelly Martinez talks about Owatta.

Oct 21st:

Billy talks about bringing Oceania to South America.

Billy talks about making a Bat Strat copyAs well as additional info.

Oct 19th:

The Star Interview with Billy Corgan

Oct 18th:

Q&A with Billy in Suntimes

James tweets cover of Farewell and Goodnight

Oct 17th:

Detriot tickets on GroupOn for $20

Billy says their has been discussion about Oceania Tour being filmed for DVD/BluRay

James Iha and Courtney Love are working on a song titled “this is war”

Billy tweets that the band might go to South Africa in 2013

Oct 16th:

In case you wonder why Billy types in all caps.

Billy on the Carson Daly show

Oct 15th:

Q&A with Billy in the Denver Post

Oct 13th:

Video Interview from Splendour in the Grass courtesy of Ozphoria.

Oct 12th:

Billy’s teahouse is now selling loose leaf tea.

Oct 11th:

Billy plans to write more instrumental pieces 3-5 years from now.

Billy signs a fans ticket from the stage

Billy tips his hat to the new No Doubt single (and he wouldn’t mind touring with them too)

Story of the Smashing Pumpkins dropping in on a local Montana music store

Billy talks about his tea house to SF Examiner

Oct 10th:

Tom Clifton claims that Billy Corgan wants him to record a cover of Today

Art Shay shares memories of being at the first televised US Presidential debate as suggested by his pal Billy Corgan.

Billy Corgan tells a fan that the band has consider a “fan fest” type of show.

Oct 9th:

Nicole gives a female fan some tips on being a female musician.

The Smashing Pumpkins launch a Telly page.

The Smashing Pumpkins tickets for Philly are on GroupOn

Nicole spends time with Gio

Billy Corgan supports pro wrestler music career.

Mike Byrne jams will local Montana band.

Oct 8th:

James Iha cancels DC show

William Corgan drops in at the Fat Belly Deli

Oct 7th:

Billy tells a fan the band consider residency with a more multi media/music dynamic

D’arcy mentioned in Rolling Stone article titled “13 Rock Stars Who Disappeared”.

Oct 5th:

Fans smash pumpkins trying to win pumpkins tickets in Montana.

Oct 4th:

VIP Setlist for Calgary

Billy comments on Rush nomination for the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame

Interview with Billy and the lead singer of Anberlin

Billy visits the National Music Centre in Canada. (Billy shows of two pictures from his visit: 1 2)

Oct 3rd:

SmashingPumpkinsUK post a audio only track called Pug (Dennis Flemion Remix)

Interview with Billy about Teargarden, wrestling, and a Canadian girlfriend.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Billy talks about the new album and today’s society.

Oct 2nd:

Billy Corgan tells Vancouver Sun “I don’t want all the negative attention”

St Louis show tickets on GroupOn.

Billy Corgan says Double Doors still being consider for TAFH reissue

Billy Corgan being sued for a fallen tree.

Oct 1st:

Billy Corgan talks about Oceania tour

Mellon Collie reissue art revealed.