Blank Page November 2012

Nov 30th:

Madame ZuZu featured on Chicago ABC 

Billy was on ESPN 1000 hear the audio below

Nov 29th:

KROQ plays Eye (Soundworks demo) from the yet to be released Mellon Collie deluxe box set.

Brief interview with Billy for upcoming Fairfax show

James Iha talks about his solo album and Mellon Collie reissue (in french)

Nov 28th:

Brief interview with Billy for upcoming Columbus show

Brief interview with Billy in Maine newspaper

More pictures of the MCIS reissue in fans hands

VIDEO: Billy Corgan at PAWS Chicago starts at 5:52.

Billy Corgan to be on Sirius XM Busted Open

Nov 27th:

Mellon Collie reissue starts to show up in fans hands

Watch full James Iha set in Philadelphia

Little story about Billy choosing a mic to record with during Adore

Nov 23rd:

Complete  video footage of Billy Corgan at Studio Q

Nov 21st:

James Iha sings Mayonnaise to his Chicago crowd. try’s to set things right for those whose orders were recently canceled.

NEW VIDEO: Billy Corgan talking on Studio Q

Nov 20th:

James Iha to play free concert on Fridayat noon  in PA

Nov 19th:

brief interview with James Iha

Nov 16th:

VIDEO: Billy talks about Resistance Pro

James Iha says “never say never” when asked if there are any condition him and Billy Corgan could reunite

Nov 15th:

Billy Corgan is featured in a music documentary that is on KickStarter

Rock For Kids has an Oceania signed canvas up for auction

Nov 14th:

A Number of New Jersey Concert tickets are now $10 with every cent going to the Red Cross. (thanks to Sean for the tip)

Nov 13th:

Another James Iha mixtape

Billy Corgan says Let Me Give The World To You (Rick Rubin mix) on the Adore reissue

Billy Corgan audio interview uncut with Becko 2012

Edmonton Q&A 

Nov 11th:

Billy raises $90k for PAWS.

Nov 10th:

Detroit VIP show plus Q&A

Mellon Collie deluxe reissue for under $100 on Amazon Canada 

Billy’s 200k follower on twitter gets a signed PI Deluxe. 

Nov 8th:

Billy sings a duet at Zuzu (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)

Is this James Iha old place in NY?

Billy heads out to Zuzu for open mic night.

Nov 7th:

Billy tells the Huffington Post at the end of the day he wants to be remembered as a great songwriter

Nov 4th:

Billy drops by a local restaurant.

Nov 3rd:

Remix of James Iha song Wave

Ysanne’s (strings during Spirits in the Sky) has instruments stolen

James Iha remix on Halo.

Nov 2nd:

Fan talks about playing at Billy’s tea house

Nov 1st:

Billy to attend tea house open mic night