Blank Page March 2013

March 31st:

River Monsters uses TBITEITB music in commercial. (thanks to Brad for the tip)

March 29th:

Smashing Pumpkins at Resistance Pro event / another picture / Billy doing some photo bombing

Jimmy featured on new Frank Catalano tracked called “Sona”

VIDEO: Billy and Mike grooving to Ozomatli in Mexico 

March 28th:

Daughter of Alec Baldwin and Oscar-winner Kim Basinger spotted running in a Siamese Dream tank top (scroll down)

Smashing Pumpkins tape released 24 years ago

Nicole vs Mike

March 27th:

Billy to be on WGN radio at 7:15pm CST to talk wrestling / listen

March 26th:

Interview with the Cold and Lovely cover art designer.

New ECW documentry trailer featuring Billy

The story of GLOW video with audio commentary by Billy Corgan now on DVD (wrestling video not the song)

James Iha turns 45.

March 25th:

The Smashing Pumpkins are the most anticipated band to play at SunFest by a wide margin.

Billy compliments Abby Martin 

March 24th:

Billy sporting at the airport. / Nicole at the airport

March 23rd:

Quotes from Tajin Summit 2013 press conference regarding the setlist / more quotes

The guys from Smashing Pumpkins make visits / Billy recives a blessing during visit

Billy Corgan at the Tajín Summit 2013 press confrence / additional picture

Smashing Pumpkins rehearsed in a hotel

March 22nd:

Hour long version of Billy Corgan interview with Alex Jones

Nicole is enamored by a drawing. / Billy just thinks they’re rude 😉

James Iha to perform at WERS Boston today / (played: To Who Knows Where, Gemini, & Rock ‘n Roll With Me [Bowie])

March 21st:

The Pumpkins visit El Tajin pyramids today / Nicole shares a picture

Interview: Billy Corgan with Alex Jones

Ringo Deathstarr says they are doing all 3 Texas shows with the Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins are seeded #13 in MTV’s musical march madness 2013.

Houston pre-sale code is TEARGARDEN

A band called Aan is said to open for SP in Dallas,  Houston, Raleigh, and Charlotte.

Mar 20th:

Smashing Pumpkins to make an appearance at Resistance Pro March 29th show signing autographs.

Billy Corgan interview for Mexico’s Playboy / Google Translation

The Cold and Lovely new EP guitar tracking is being finished up.

Girl in a Coma says they will be opening for the Pumpkins in TX

Mar 19th:

Band spotted at the airport.

The Smashing Pumpkins are headed to Mexico today

Mar 18th:

Billy spoting in Austin / Checkout out vintage guitars

More video footage from Share Yourself 2012 with Billy (see more video of this press conference here)

Smashing Pumpkins to be in studio for a couple of weeks.

Mar 17th:

Video interview with Billy from 2012 just surfaces.

Mar 16th:

Highland Park mayor wishes Billy an early happy birthday

Nicole in La Scandale De Madame Courbier

Mar 15th:

Billy Corgan is spotted at SXSW

The Smashing Pumpkins stage for SXSW

Nicole hints at being in TexasMike is enjoying SXSW entertainment.

Pic of Billy after wrestling

Billy says he is ready for the 2013 tour!

VIDEO: James project with The Digital Arts Experience online: GeminiTo Who Knows WhereWhen You Rock & Roll with Me [David Bowie]

VIDEO: Billy Corgan sings Summer Time [Gershwin/Heyward] for Florence Shay’s funeral

Billy backstage at Impact Live / Billy ring side

Nicole puts her mask on

Mar 14th:

Billy plans on talking wrestling business today

Early birthday party held for Billy / Billy recives a gift / Nicole outside of Zuzu / 2 drummers and a guitar player

Mar 13th:

Kristin Burns pic at Pumpkins rehearsals

Jeff shows off his wad of cash

Mar 12th:

Redbull makes it official that SP will be at SXSW

Mar 11th:

Nicole wins BINGO / Billy is trying to win too / Corgan & Burns

Billy Corgan calls David Bowie’s new album “Beautiful, prescient, soulful music.”

Mar 10th:

Billy Corgan is featured at the end of DOWNLOADED trailer.

Mar 9th:

Billy is now playing an advance copy of David Bowie’s new album The Next Day

Mar 7th:

Billy Corgan talks wrestling in an audio interview.

A signed and framed Adore era poster for sale on the Pumpkins official eBay page

Vintage Wurlitzer Keyboard/Piano pops up on the Pumpkins official eBay page. (again)

Touring Smashing Pumpkin drummer Kenny Aronoff turns 60

Mar 6th:

Butch Vig talks about working on Disarm

One Diamond, One Heart hits the runway. (thanks to Brantano Style)

Nicole shares upcoming event at Zuzu’s

Walter E. Smith is giving away front row Resistance Pro tickets and $250 certificate for furniture for a retweet

Mar 5th:

Pre-Sale for the Smashing Pumpkins Charlotte, NC is: 512107  (pre-sale starts 10am on March 6th)

Mike seems to be enjoying the weather in IL

Tickets for St. Augustine, FL show pre-sale going on today-thursday at 10pm pre-sale code: TEARGARDEN (surce)

Mar 4th:

Melbourne FL show pre-sale is going on now for “members”.

The Smashing Pumpkins official Facebook page post about upcoming shows. (Twitter feed left alone.)

Mar 2nd:

The Smashing Pumpkins official Facebook update their event page

Awolnation will open for the Smashing Pumpkins in North Carolina

Mar 1st:

New picture from the set of the Walter E. Smithe ad

Full video of Billy at Chicago Live!  (thanks to DyersEve)

Wrestler Kharam talks about working with Billy in Resistance Pro

Audio of Billy Corgan talking at the Toast to Harry event on the The Roe & Roper Show

Another pictures from Billy Corgan at Toast to Harry (1234)