Blank Page June 2012

June 30th:

D’arcy Adore award sells on eBay for over $700

Short video interview with Billy Corgan on the new lineup and Oceania.

June 29th:

Colombia show pictures (pic 2pic 3pic 4pic 5pic 6pic 7pic 8)

Interviewer with Billy

Billy at the Share Yourself press conference in Colombia (other pics of SP in Colombia pic 2pic 3pic 4pic 5pic 6pic 7pic 8pic 9pic 10pic 11pic 12pic 13pic 14pic 15pic 16pic 17pic 18pic 19pic 20pic 21pic 22,pic 23pic 24pic 25 )

June 28th:

Review of the Valenzuela show and setlist

Short video of Billy during his recent KROQ interview

June 27th:

this is NOT Jeff Schroeder

Oceania debut on Billboard chart at number 4.

James Iha album which was released in March will be available in the states this September.

It’s not everyday you have breakfast with Billy Corgan

June 26th:

Tonight’s setlist leaked early.

Billy at a press conference. / Billy’s view from the press conference. (more pictures: 12345)

June 25th:

Billy thanks people for volunteering 4 hours at ShareYourself

Brief interview Billy gave while in S. America

Picture of Billy in S. America (pic 2pic 3pic 3.5pic 4pic 5pic 6 (with Nicole, Mike, & jeff?)pic 7pic 8 (Mike, Nicole& Billy)pic 9]

Nicole makes it to S. America

June 24th

Billy says his book is currently on hold because he is too busy.

More from the AP interview with Billy Corgan

Preview of Billy Corgan’s interview with NPR All Things Considered

June 23rd

Billy was interviewed by these folks: 12

Nicole gets ready to head to S. America.

D’ary puts up Adore award on ebay.

“Good luck with that.” (Billy Corgan speaking to Matt Pinfield about ‘ignoring the internet’).

Billy with interviewer Paul Jarvis

Billy with 987FM personality

Billy visits with Dave Stewart

Oceania said to sell about 50k according to Nielsen.

Nicole trades in her fan Facebook account for her Facebook page.

A little more of video of Billy with the Associated Press.

June 22nd:

Billy and his publicist outside of Capital Records.

Short video interview with Billy with the Associated Press.

More pictures from the rehearsal space in Southern California

Billy is going be on NPR

June 21st:

Kristin Burns visits the Pumpkins rehearsal space in Southern California

Audio of Billy on Opie & Anthony Radio

At 8am PST tomorrow Billy Corgan will be on KROQ

Billy visits with OpieRadio

The Celestials has a promo on eBay

A new Billy Corgan interview before going on Rock in Rio

June 20th:

Cool picture from NYC private show.

Billy at Pierce Morgan tonight.

Amazon sells Oceania mp3s for under $5

Picture of Billy at Sirius XM

June 19th:

Picture of Billy during soundcheck at iHeartRadio

Picture of the stage at iHeartRadio

June 18th:

Billy will be on with Kevin Bean of KROQ on Friday

Billy write a note for Billboard

Billy with the people at

June 15th

Chicago Sun-Times Review: Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Oceania’

State Review: Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Oceania’

BBC Oceania Review

June 14th

Billy before the Metro show

June 13th

Fans can hear Corgan talk more about the album in the FMQB Productions radio special Inside The Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania’s Premature Evaluation: The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania

June 12th

Fans can hear Corgan talk more about the album in the FMQB Productions radio special Inside The Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania

June 11th

The list of fans who won a chance to be on the Smashing Pumpkins Oceania Cruise / Listening Party

So much for Oceania not getting any reviews

June 10th

The Smashing Pumpkins “like” her, they really “Like” her…

June 9th

Smashing Pumpkins’ tickets for Manila show are now on sale

June 8th

Fan thanks TopSpin for help with ordering Oceania bundle.

The Temper Trap drummer notes Jimmy Chamberlin as a drumming hero.

Billy pays tribute to Sam Thompson, friend of Resistance Pro. (read more on Sam Thompson)

June 7th

Billy confirms that Knuckles will be on either MCIS or TAFH reissue

June 6th

If Billy Corgan and Courtney both lived in New York City they never would fight.

Billy Corgan will be interviewing the RUSH tomorrow.

David Wild (who has done the reissue interviews) is going talk to speak with Billy again today. / He had a great interview

The Pisces Iscariot reissue is now on Amazon (no track listing).

June 4th

Billy is a frequent Sunday morning visitor in the Art Shay home.

Win Oceania via a re-tweet.

Nicole has a new favorite Oceania song.

June 3rd

Billy continues to work on the Mellon Collie reissues.

June 2nd

Mike tweets what kind of symbol he uses on the road verse in the studio.

Oceania, Red Pyramid Tote Bag now available as single item

Tour posters from the Smashing Pumpkins 2012 has drop down from $20 to $14.99 Sale ends June 19th

The Smashing Pumpkin necklace is now available on the official store.

June 1st

Nicole tweets her 3 favorite songs from Oceania.

Billy to host a Rush special radio program

Siamese Dream reissue/remaster mp3s are on sale for $2.99 on Amazon

Billy Corgan wishes Ozphoria happy 10th birthday