Blank Page July 2012

July 31st:

Mike Byrne other band Bearcubbin to do some touring in August in the Washington area

July 30th:

Billy with The Morning Show crew

Billy says OKGO is a great band but its too bad their focus isn’t on music.

Billy takes a picture with Bob Barker (not the price is right guy). (another picture from that same visit)

Billy Corgan talks about being at Splendour in Grass

July 29th:

Splendour in the Grass setlist

FasterLouder summery of Billy at the forums for Splendour in the Grass

July 28th:

Billy says he wishes he could come to more places in Asia.

DJ Allison Wonderland has breakfast with Billy Corgan

July 27th:

Billy confirms that the Smashing Pumpkins will come to Canada.

OK-GO replies to a comment Billy said to Fuse.

19 years of Siamese Dream

July 26th:

Billy likes the suggestion of a fan to add Porcelina to the Oceania Tour setlist.

New James Iha tour dates

Billy with a fan.

Why the Pumpkins won’t be playing retro-mania hits

Billy says that the band was talking about doing a Disney animation.

July 25th:

Billy Corgan tells fans that plans are in the works for a Mexico date in September.

Carina Round talks about working with Billy Corgan

Nicole tweets a picture of her “rock hair”.

Brief conversation with Billy Corgan on

Billy tweets a pic of the Oceania stage.

July 24th:

Billy is said to be getting back to work on his memoirs.

Nicole is making friends in Australia (and does some cloths modeling on the side)

July 23rd:

Mike tells fans where the best record store is

July 20th:

The Pumpkins are on their way to Australia.

Billy talks to about writing Oceania, Gen X, and what he thinks about playing Oceania in full on tour

Billy Corgan talks to the Huffington Post about his brother Jesse and Wrestling

July 18th:

Billy Corgan dropped in via phone to talk about The Metro on WBEZ Chicago (listen to the audio here)

July 16th:

Billy was on Alt Nation today.

Nicole had an impromptu interview on KROQ today

Billy plays a new song at Dennis funeral.

July 13th:

Billy Corgan suggest a possible a possible meet and greet in the Philippines

Fans start to receive their PI reissues

July 12th:

Nicole goes to see her other band (the cold and lovely) perform.

Billy names his 4 favorite heavy albums.

Billy Corgan was featured in recent MLB INSIDERS CLUB MAGAZINE.

Short video of of the Smashing Pumpkins at Colombia Share Yourself. (Venezuela version)

James Iha playing 2 club dates in Japan, Osaka Sept 24th & Tokyo Sept 26th

July 11th:

Spaceboy joins twitter as he continues to work with ResistancePro.

James Iha working on buttons for preorder bundles.

Short audio interview with Billy Corgan

July 10th:

In tribute to Dennis, Billy has been re-tweeting fans favorite Frog songs (123456789)

Nicole remembers Dennis

July 9th:

Rolling Stone magazine marks Oceania as one of the best albums of 2012 so far

The first “known” SP show was played 24 years ago. / Billy says that today is the 25th year anniversary of SP

July 8th:

The Cold and Lovely to ship their debut album soon!

July 6th:

Signed Oceania canvas giveaway

Oceania art hanging up in Highland Park, IL

Nicole, rides on!

Brief interview with Billy about noting just playing old songs & why the fall tour must be big

July 5th:

Madina Lake talk about getting a riff from Billy Corgan.

Nicole tells fans on Facebook that the band is working on the Oceania live show.

Story time with Billy (well sort of)

July 4th:

Former Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboardist Lisa Harriton to release new songs soon.

Oceania given an honorable mention on MTV’s best rock albums of 2012 so far

Billy to be playing his favorite summer songs on SiriusXM

Brief Q&A with Billy in Huffington Post

July 3rd:

Short video clip of Billy in studio, date unknown

July 2nd:

Billy is hard at work on the Oceania tour.

Billy lists 4 of his favorite authors.

Jimmy to add drum tracks to an old friends next album.