Blank Page January 2013

Jan 31st:

Billy Corgan talks about his upcoming memoirs.

Nicole side band, The Cold and Lovely prepping tracks for a recording session tomorrow.

Nicole says the footage from the Barclay’s Center “looks/sounds BADASS”.

Jan 28th:

new video of Jimmy Chamberlin playing (from Sept 2012)

Billy Corgan zuzu sign mentioned in Forbes

Watch Nicole’s other band, the Cold and Lovely perform in LA 

Jan 25th:

Billy Corgan writes about Pete Townshend: “Suffering No Fools”.

Jan 24th:

Sierra Swan post a picture of her and Billy rehearsing / and another one on Facebook.

Nicole notes that she will be returning to “Pumpkin Land Soon”.

Billy Corgan on CBS Chicago talking about Madame ZuZu’s.

Jan 23rd:

Nicole is going to reveal a move called “The Billy” at the Cold and Lovely show tomorrow in LA

Billy’s teahouse to be on CBS Chicago tomorrow morning.

Jan 21st:

Uli John Roth says “Billy is certainly one of the few people in the business who is really contributing something of artistic value.”

Jan 19th:

Billy Corgan video interview about Resistance Pro

Billy Corgan was on Mancow Jan 18th to talk about Resistance Pro

Jan 18th:

Rolling Stone gives Mellon Collie reissue 4 stars (in 1995 they gave it 3)

Billy Corgan interview with Mancow Nov 2012

Jan 17th:

Billy Corgan talks with Origin part 2

Jan 16th:

Smashing Pumpkins Oceania 3D Concert Film to have a trailer released in a few weeks.

Billy Corgan condo on Gold Coast is under contract.

Another pic of Jimmy drumming for Led Zeppelin 2

Jan 15th:

Chicago XRT listeners places Oceania as #10 best album of 2012

Jan 14th:

Zuzu’s iconic neon sign unanimously approved by city council (second video)

Check out Bearcubbin’ video of playing  High School Field Trip to Murder Island.

Zuzu’s iconic neon sign in trouble? / City Council to review request at 7:30pm CST

Jan 13th:

Jimmy plays with a Led Zeppelin tribute band.

Jan 10th:

Billy Corgan sends a congrats note to Alex Jones

Billy Corgan wrestling company to have clothing line

Nicole to play with her side project The Cold & Lovely in the LA area Jan 24th

Jan 8th:

Fans suggest new David Bowie song is a tip of a hat towards the Smashing Pumpkins

Wrestling interview with Billy Corgan

Jan 7th:

David Wild to interview Billy Corgan today (possibly for next reissue)

Jan 5th:

Billy Corgan spotted at theater seeing Metamorphoses in Chicago

Jan 3rd:

Billy Corgan to talk about MCIS in upcoming Guitar World

Billy Corgan interview with Mike Pinfield to be broadcast on Jan 7th 2013

Jan 2nd:

SPFreaks has an interview with James Iha