Blank Page February 2013

Feb 28th:

Billy tweets pic of himself at Toast to Harry

Fun picture of Billy at Toast to Harry in Chicago

Billy Corgan was on Sports Talk Chicago (video)

The Smashing Pumpkins official Facebook account post about headlining Beale Street Music Festival

Feb 27th:

Who are the Smashing Pumpkins

Billy shares awesome pics of his wrestlers

Feb 26th:

Billy Corgan to have another wrestling based interview (expected at the end of the week or early next week)

Bearcubbin’ held a show at Portland State University this afternoon.

Billy Corgan reportedly to be at the 15th toast to Harry Carays between 4-6pm on Feb 28th  (more info)

Feb 24th:

Billy Corgan at Resistance Pro event

Feb 23rd:

Billy Corgan and Dennis Rodman still hang out (now in color)

New James Iha interview available in Blitz magazine.

Feb 22nd:

Ringo Deathstarr thanks Jeff of the Smashing Pumpkins for a Rocktron

Feb 20th:

Nicole comments on new cold and lovely track called Red Eye

Feb 19th:

Expanded version of Billy Corgan on Pete Townshend: “Suffering No Fools”

Billy Corgan TV ad with Walter E. Smithe and Resistance Pro now available for viewing

Full audio of Billy interview on Chicago Live

audio of Billy Corgan singing Sumertime at Florence Shay’s funeral (starts 3:19) / Corgan previous sung the song Aug 2005

Feb 15th:

Billy Corgan Gold Coast condo sale is now finial.

Feb 14th:

Billy Corgan will be on WBEZ at 7pm (CST) (listen here)

James Iha plays on JBTV / bonus footage with James freaking out about being given an IPAD

Billy Corgan wishes everyone a happy valentine day

Billy post a picture of Jeff “the shredder” and Art Shay at dinner with him.

Feb 13th:

Jenny McCarthy is caught kissing Billy Corgan

Feb 12th:

Billy tweets that “famed newscaster Bill Kurtis!!” will host next month bingo night.

Feb 11th:

The Blue Jays are hoping for a turn around as they blast Tonight, Tonight during batting practice.

Feb 10th:

Nicole is visiting the sight of Zwan music video Honestly

Feb 9th:

James Iha working on a video project with The Digital Arts Experience

Feb 7th:

Billy to be on NBC “Today Show” in March

Feb 6th:

Mike turns 23

Fen 5th:

James Iha starts mailing list

Billy Corgan acknowledge the passing of Reg Presley (lead singer of The Troggs)

Highland Park city council refutes that they gave  the ZUZU sign special treatment

James Iha has an interview and plays at Road Island radio station. / He also signs the wall next to an APC award

Feb 4th:

Jeff Schroeder turns 39