Blank Page December 2013

Dec 30th:

New upgraded video from the Rose Records show in ’91 shows up on YouTube

Dec 28th:

Sample of Mike’s other band Bearcubbin’ new music

Dec 24th:

TC&L post an office live video performance of their track “Doll”

Dec 19th:

A new video clip of Rick Rubin LMGTWTY

Oceania Live Giveaway from Capitol Music France (and the winner is)

Dec 18th:

The USA Today mentions TAFH reissue

Dec 16th:

Billy visits Hearst Castle while in California.

Dec 15th:

Linda Strawberry baby spends time with Billy

Dec 11th:

Billy takes part in a pillow fight / pic of pillow fight

Nicole is selling her bass amp / doing some house cleaning

Nicole and former SP bassist Ginger run into each other.

Dec 8th:

Corgan text Carter, owner of TNA Wrestling “Don’t you love rumors”

Dec 7th:

TC&L continue playing Southern CA shows

Billy playing the piano at Zuzu’s

Dec 5th:

A promoter says SP management told them that the band is on break for 1st half of 2014

Nicole with recent SP opening band Beware of Darkness

Bearcubbin’ new album to be called “Girls with Fun Haircuts” with a release date in early 2014

Dec 3rd:

On Dec 4th at 1pm PST a special sale price for TAFH Deluxe Edition & TAFH LP will be on Amazon. Then at 5pm the MCIS Deluxe Edition will get a sale price.

TC&L – Doll (live) 

Mike posts a little taste of the Bearcubbin’ new music.

Dec 2nd:

“Live At Cabaret Metro 10-5-88” CD released 13 years ago