Blank Page December 2012

Dec 31st: 

Madame Zuzu to have New Years Eve party

Dec 21st:

Billy talks wrestling at his tea shop

Dec 19th:

Smashing Pumpkins 3D Concert is in post production mode

Dec 18th:

Video of Billy Corgan talks at the National Music Centre

Dec 17th:

Billy Corgan to be at his Tea house in Highland Park, IL on Thursday hosting a book signing for Chris Nowinski

Billy Corgan wishes you a happy holiday.

Dec 15th:

Billy Corgan talks about wanting to make Resistance Pro a national brand

Dec 14th:

Billy tells Fuse about his worst Christmas gift (thanks to Iya for the tip)

Dec 13th:

MTV list Oceania as one of its top 20 albums of 2012

Dec 12th:

Models invited to the Smashing Pumpkin concert

JayZ shares Billy Corgan interview on Facebook.

A Smashing Pumpkin cake that was backstage in NY

Dec 11th:

Billy Corgan to be interviewed by Matt Pinfield for MTV Hivecast (picture of Billy w/ Matt)

Dec 7th:

Billy Corgan talks about Madame Zuzu to Splash Chicago

Story behind the Mellon Collie art.

video of Billy talking about RPro

Billy Corgan tells Philly Burbs “I’m still here making music”

Dec 6th:

Amberlin frontman tells story of meeting Billy Corgan at an amusement park he worked at.

Dec 5th:

Billy Corgan talks to the Pittsburgh Post

Rolling Stone puts Smashing Pumpkins album Oceania as one of its top 50 albums for 2012 (thanks to charlie for the tip)

Unboxing of the MCIS reissue deluxe box set

Dec 4th:

James Iha interview, talks briefly about Mellon Collie reissues

Amazon has samples of the MCIS deluxe edition and selling the mp3s for under $40

Dec 3rd:

James Iha album Look to the Sky now $5 on Amazon thnx to Thomas for the tip

VIDEO of the Connecticut VIP Q&A

Dec 2nd:

VIP Setlist in Connecticut

Billy invites wrestler to tonight’s show

Dec 1st:

Picture from the Portland, Maine soundcheck

Billy has interview with Seven on Ridge host

Smashing Pumpkins tickets for NJ show on Saturday $17 

James Iha says “it is tough” to be the front man in new interview