Blank Page August 2012

Aug 31st:

93.3 Modern Rock interview with Billy Corgan

Aug 30th:

Billy Corgan gets mention on

Billy Corgan interview with Boston Radio

Aug 29th:

New video footage of Jimmy at the Drum Clinic

Aug 28th:

Billy Corgan Interview—August 2012—The Greg Beharrell Show on X92.9.

Aug 27th:

New Billy Corgan interview from Artist Direct.

Billy Corgan to talk about Resitance Pro Sept 12th

Aug 26th:

Billy suggest their may be a costume contest at the NYC Halloween show

Aug 25th:

Resistance Pro merch will be available on the Smashing Pumpkins North American Tour

Billy shares his favorite Cure album

Friend of Billy Corgan, Florence Shay passes away

Aug 23rd:

Video of Billy talking about Veronica album

The band tweets photos of the Leno rehearsal (12345)

Aug 22nd:

Billy tells a fan that during the 20th Anniversary tour the band rehearsed Real Love

Another radio phone interview with Billy

Radio phone interview with Billy (he does mention working on a new album)

VIDEO: Billy talking at LAUSD

Aug 21st:

A 7 minute phone interview with Billy Corgan

Brief video interview of Billy at Splendour in the Grass 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins to perform “The Celestials on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Thursday, August 23

Aug 20th:

Billy at LAUSD

Aug 19th:

Recording of Billy Corgan on BBC archived for the next 7 days

Aug 18th:

Billy in Los Angles with Kristen Burns

Appears Billy wrote an article in the Ravinina Festival program

Aug 16th:

Sunday August 19th, on BBC Radio 6 Music’s The First Time, Matt Everitt talks to Billy Corgan.

Aug 14th:

The Smashing Pumpkins SuperSonic setlist

Billy Corgan post backstage pictures before the South Korea show (1234)

Aug 13th:

James Iha mixtape for Bespoke Post

6 questions for Billy

Billy was interested in attending Smashing Pumpkins cover band in South Korea

Aug 18th Rage will broadcast a program put together by Billy

Aug 10th:

Taiwan setlist doesn’t follow Oceania setlist (SIYL wasn’t played)

Aug 9th:

Billy shows interest in a young photographer.

Pictures from Billy while at the airport (2)

Review of the Pumpkins in Manila (quotes from press conference)

Aug 8th:

Video of Billy talking about alternative music values.

Billy featured in a short article on Indonesia Rolling Stone article

Aug 7th:

Former Pumpkins keyboardist Lisa Harrison to play a club in LA with new music

Aug 6th:

And yet another brief interview with Billy Corgan

Video of Billy talking about working at a Filipino restaurant.

News Report 1 / Report 2 of SP being in the Philippians

Billy Corgan Press conference in Manila

Aug 5th:

Another brief interview with Billy Corgan

Smashing Pumpkins land in the Philippians. (picture)

Aug 4th:

brief interview with Billy

Aug 1st:

Billy says next Pumpkin show is going have a new oldie on the setlist

Billy tells fan his favorite rock song is Catch the Rainbow (listen to it here)

Nicole is “spotted” in local Australian paper.