Blank Page April 2013

April 30th:

Smashing Pumpkins tickets for  Charlotte, North Carolina are available for $17 on GroupOn

Pictures from the Smashing Pumpkins May 29th show

April 29th:

Nicole to do videos on VINE (first Vine video)

Billy appreciates basketball player Jason Collins courage

Smashing Pumpkins tweet out a reminder that they are starting their tour tonight.

April 28th:

Billy Corgan at PJ Game (more info)

Mike is on his way through FL / Nicole tweets pic from FL / Billy is at Resistance Pro event

Tegan & Sara tell a story about meeting Billy Corgan

April 26th:

The Pumpkins Facebook & Twitter account asks which Oceania track do you want to hear the Pumpkins plays

Nicole with a Reverend bass guitar. Plus Pumpkins appear to be rehearsing at Odeum Expo Center

April 25th:

The Palm Beach Post gives 5 reason to see SP (only 2 seems interesting) 

Where Billy reportedly goes for concert clothing

Billy Corgan and PSY!?

Miami New Times rehashes old Billy interview for upcoming show (old interview)

April 24th:

Billy Corgan wants to know if you want to train with wrestling star Lance Storm

14 years ago the original 4 Smashing Pumpkins members took the stage for the last time

April 23rd: 

Band is rehearsing, and lacking churros

Zuzu’s gets some outdoor seating

April 21st:

Nicole is considering deactivating Facebook account

Happy birthday to former SP bassist Ginger Reyes-Pooley!

Smashing Pumpkins donate signed poster & CD’s for charityNicole signs cd caseMike signs cd case

April 20th:

Nicole wishes fans a happy record store day

D’arcy gear box can be yours!

No Alternative LP now available.

April 19th:

Billy Corgan had a recent interview (yet to be released) where he reportedly talked about the song Spaceboy

Beware of Darkness to open for Smashing Pumpkins in July

April 18th:

Nicole side project The Cold and Lovely to have song Paper and Gun feature on the Vampire Diaries tonight on the CWspace

April 17th:

A parody of Billy & D’arcy featured on Funny or Die. Starts at 51:00 (thanks to Mark for the tip!)

April 16th:

Video of Mike at NAMM 2013

Bush will open for the Smashing Pumpkins on July 10th

April 15th:

Billy & Lin of 93XRT at Celebrity Charades at Madame ZuZu’s

Nicole comments on the tragedy in Boston.

Smashing Pumpkins released Tonight, Tonight single 17 years ago

April 14th:

Billy attends ZuZu’s event

April 13th:

Billy and Nicole mentioned on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me “Bluff The Listeners” (thanks to Nicole for the heads up)

April 11th:

WXRT DJ Lin Brehmer to host a game night at ZuZu’s with Billy Corgan

Ash will open for the Smashing Pumpkins July 22nd

April 10th:

Smashing Pumpkins past guest violinist to release song titled The Mermaid Song on May 13th 2013

Audio with Billy Corgan on Bob Stern (19:35 – 22:55) / Picture of Billy and Bob

The Wall Street Journal talks BINGO featuring Zuzu’s bingo night

April 9th:

Billy tweets out his support for Sierra Swan new album.

April 7th:

Nicole turns 34 (she thanks fans for birthday wishes)

April 5th:

Billy Corgan added keys to Matt Sams cover of Beatles “Something”

April 4th:

Sierra Swan starts Pledge Drive produced by Billy Corgan

VIDEO: Billy Corgan on 190 talking about Zuzu

April 3rd:

Billy briefly talks about David Bowie as an influence on “Bowie Heros’ (22:15) (audio avaliable til April 10th) thanks to daley!

April 2nd:

Billy to be part of Opening Day Broadcast on XRT

April 1st:

The Veronicas call Billy Corgan “ten times darker, ten times more brilliant… than what anyone could ever imagine”