Is William Patrick Corgan jumping off another cliff by quitting Twitter? You better believe he is!

MG_8439_bw-copyIf you have been following the works of William Patrick Corgan; the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins which obviously you do by reading this. Then his recent and last tweet on Twitter, to announce that he is leaving the ONLY major social media outlet he personally uses; probably sounds like he is jumping off a cliff and you shouldn’t be surprised.

This for sure is one huge cliff jump by today’s standards. Twitter is one of the top ten most traffic sites and he was only in need a few thousands more followers to break 300k. Surpassing the number of followers on the official Smashing Pumpkins twitter by over 30k. Some people may had only known of his current work because of this outlet. And here he goes, leaving it all behind.

So how does he expect to reach his audience in 2015? The “old fashion” way, by having his audience come to him on his personal website: People and their Cars. Those who sign up for his mailing list under the name “Red Border Club” will receive occasional emails to see WPC personal photo gallery as well as access to purchases merchandise he plans to sell.

So is his leaving a huge platform, on top of Mt Twitter madness? Yes! Will we once again witness him jumping off another cliff? Absolutely! And what will be the result from this? We will see William Patrick Corgan soar…

He may not take flight to the heights that you and I may have seen him go to or even where we want him to go. Nonetheless he will move-on to new and more interesting places. He will grow from this experience and will have an audience who actually really cares about those experiences. No longer will he have to compete to be heard among the many other chattering birds in the madness that is Twitter. This time it will be heard by those who want to hear the song, see the art, and feel the vision.

So does he lose a number of followers by taking a jumping off the cliff? Or does he actually find out how many followers he really has?


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