EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Smashing Pumpkins In Plainsong – An Acoustic-Electro Evening

8 Shows June 15th-25th

The Smashing Pumpkins just announced eight locations for a special “Acoustic-Electro Evening” with stops from Buffalo, NY area, to Tulsa, OK. We were recently invited to have a Q&A with William Patrick Corgan about the upcoming Acoustic Shows before they were announced.

CF: For these acoustic shows who is the intended audience, regular fans or the super engaged fan?
WPC: These days, we take everyone into account. No matter where we play you can be sure over half attending would be a general fan who knows singles and songs from their favourite album. And we’ve seen little gain by going against that; hence, less gigs but higher quality.

CF: In July 2014 before the Ravinia show you posted a Q&A and mentioned the idea was being thrown around of doing acoustic shows at casual outdoor locations along with documentary style filming at the same time. Are these upcoming acoustic shows going be anything like that?

WPC: Not at all, and that ‘America’ project is still in the works.

CF: Are these acoustic shows going to be like the Ravinia show where they celebrate your complete musical career, including non-Pumpkins music?

WPC: Absolutely. That was a lot of fun to both prepare and perform.

CF: What did you learn from your all acoustic show at Ravinia that will help you with your upcoming acoustic set?

WPC: Not a lot, honestly. I wouldn’t say our audience is predictable as much as the culture we live in is.

CF: Who will be coming to support you on this adventurous acoustic tour?

WPC: That’s an open question. Jeff for sure, maybe a friend or two.

CF: I recall you saying a few times that most of the songs you have written start off on acoustic guitar. Does that make it easier to play songs acoustically?

WPC: Absolutely. A very easy translation point usually, from written version to a version live that makes sense and has a unique journey to it.

CF: You have a huge coast-to-coast tour coming up with Marilyn Manson this summer. Why do you want to do these special acoustic shows?

WPC: It’s part of our new, multi-layered approach to keeping things musical and fresh. Because while this lasts we’d like to build where we can and leave an impression that will stick.

CF: What songs in your repertoire do you feel may not translate very well to acoustic set?

WPC: The heavier ones, generally. Jellybelly I’d guess wouldn’t fly far! But maybe I’m wrong?


Here is the full list of upcoming acoustic tour dates
6/15 Tonawanda, NY Pre-Sale NOW (Gen sale 4/24) access code: wedg
6/16 Munhall, PA Tickets on Sale 4/25 10am
6/17 Indianapolis, IN Pre-Sale 4/23 10am
6/19 Tulsa, OK Tickets on Sale 4/24 10am
6/20 Des Moines, IA Tickets on Sale 4/24 10am
6/22 Kansas City, MO Tickets 4/24 10am
6/23 St Louis, MO Pre-Sale 4/23 10am
6/25 Minneapolis, MN Tickets on Sale 4/24 10am