Flashback Friday: ZERO shirt(s)

bc zero heroDuring the Mellon Collie era, Billy Corgan would come out on stage wearing a black shirt with the word ZERO in silver across his chest. The shirt was also worn for the well known music video, Bullet with Butterfly Wings.

The shirt was reproduced and sold in both short and long sleeve with the Smashing Pumpkins heart logo on the sleeve during the Mellon Collie tour.

girl’s baseball jersey ZERO shirt



After the Mellon Collie era, the shirt was put away, but it didn’t stop the recreation of memorabilia .During the Machina era the Smashing Pumpkins sold several versions of the ZERO shirt in new colors and design. They were made available in baseball jersey t-shirts in Blue, Green for the ladies, and Red for men. Also a traditional black and silver spaghetti strap version.

TShirt WO Zero (2007 style)a


When the Pumpkins returned from their hiatus, the ZERO shirt once again repaired in a new layout (left) available in black or white.

In 2007 Billy said during a banter that when he designed the ZERO shirt they asked what colors he wanted, to which he replied “Raider colors”. [You may also recall that in the booklet available in the original The Areoplane Flies High booklet, you can see him wearing a Raiders beanie. ]


Billy_Corgan_by_st3fanni3In 2008 Billy would return to the stage in a newly designed ZERO shirt that was white with black writing and an open collar.

In April 2011 Billy donated one of the four ZERO shirts for auction, to help the relief efforts for the people in Japan who in the previous month had a massive tsunami come to shore. The shirt sold for just under $7,000.

The ZERO shirt of course has been bootlegged and will likely continue to be bootlegged as one of the most iconic clothing pieces of Smashing Pumpkins history.