Flashback Friday: Machina artwork by Vasily Kafanov

pl5The artwork for Smashing Pumpkins albums have always been very interesting, today we flashback to the work of Vasily Kafanov who is the artist behind the artwork of the Machina era.

On Kafanov website he has a bio in which he described meeting Billy Corgan on a hot summer day, writing:

One day in the late 1990s, a couple of very strange characters wandered into a gallery where I had my show…One of them introduced himself as Billy Corgan and said he was a musician. His name meant nothing to me. I offered to help him hang the paintings he had just bought. Along the way, we started talking about alchemy and ancient manuscripts, and I said that I was working on a series of paintings on that subject…Approximately a year later, Billy Corgan asked me to work on his new album.”

pl11I did approximately 20 paintings for the album, as well as a number of prints. Billy liked them and he even decided to issue a larger album with illustrations and his own text on parchment-colored paper. In my opinion, it turned out very well. In addition, I designed stage sets for his concerts when the band began a worldwide tour. “

Check out more of the artwork from the Machina era on Vasily website. If you look at his large canvases you will see one called “Portret of BC”.