Billy Corgan post more details about his upcoming Ravinia show

rposter_smToday on SPN Billy posted more news about the Ravinia show, revealing that EX-COP and MATT WALKER will be playing a supporting role during the performance, along with previous announced help from Sierra Swan and Jeff.

The setlist will consist of “5 small acts, with hopefully a different emotional result in each; and in which the centerpiece is a 9-song ‘Mellon Collie Suite’ which celebrates the 20-year anniversary of that album’s writing. ” Billy went on to write “When I hear that mini-run back in rehearsal, it reminds me that at its conception the work of MCIS had a more intimate feel, and you’ll feel as such the songs as they were primarily written: on piano, and guitar; and RAVINIA is the exact right setting to deliver this.”

Billy also lamented about the push from “ad men” to promote the show, “for I suppose the fear is that I won’t ‘play-those-songs-people-want-to-hear'”

In addition Billy Corgan did post footage of him playing Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness on the piano.