New “Memorabilia Monday” post reveals future releases.

NECIn a new Memorabilia Monday post on SPN, Billy reflects on a tape titled “Smashing Pumpkins Nothing Ever Changes”. Not to be confused with another tape by the same name.

The tape appears to contain as many as 17 tracks of VERY VERY early Smashing Pumpkins tracks from “6-1-88”.

The tape credits Ron [Roesing]; a drummer for one of Billy’s earlier bands, for two live songs. Billy though makes the effort to assure that Ron is NOT an original member of the Pumpkins, writing: “I will say that, despite many declarations to some other truth, Mr. Ron was never a member of The Smashing Pumpkins. For two rehearsals and the surviving tapes I have of those practices does not a band make, nor was he involved in the direction, conception, or execution of these opening songs; whereas James was in many a tete-tete in my room.”

These tracks and many others are being prepared for a future release (likely in similar fashion that AEGEA was released) along with many more early tracks in what Billy described as a “a multi-edition vinyl set which if I’m guessing correct will in the end have anywhere from 12 to 20 separate releases.”. Which he hopes to release later this year.

Billy goes on in the post to credit his mutual friend of James, named Lenny who “was and is a wonderful person and has more to do with my success in music that just about anyone.”

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