Flashback Friday: BLUE

blue roses pictures (1)Blue can originally be found on Lull and Pisces Iscariot.
Billy wrote in the original Pisces Iscariot notes that Blue was an outtake from Gish and that ” i thought about using an acoustic version of the song for this album, but it seemed silly to have a different version of an unknown song. maybe someday”. That ‘someday’ arrived when Gish Deluxe reissue was released.

In the reissue of PI Billy wrote that he didn’t want to put that song on Pisces and that “this song at its best was an acoustic song, but having been recorded for gish, it was adapted to a heavier frame which the churlish melody couldn’t support.”


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpLWt5i3n5c]