Billy Corgan to hold an event at Madame Zuzu’s tomorrow between 630pm-930pm

Come on down to Madame Zuzu’s between 630 and 930pm and bring your wallet (sort of). Billy Corgan will be hosting an event at Zuzu’s and they are asking attendees to be a paying patron and not an idle observer.  There should be more room than normal as Zuzu’s will be closed for an hour before the event to remove the tables and chairs so more people can come in (weather permitting).

You will get the RARE opportunity to hear Billy’s Musique Concrete plus art work which was hosted in Brooklyn recently. The item will then be raffled off. If you don’t win that rare art, there will be a 2nd drawing offered of the 1st copy of AEGEA and the 1st copy of the 1st pressing & the 1st copy of the 3rd pressing (number 501).

If you are hoping to get an autograph or a picture with Bill, sadly this practice is being discouraged but you are encourage to record the event, be it by video camera, picture taking, or bootlegging the Musique Concrete recording. So it should be a great time.

In addition you can buy a 3rd pressing of AEGEA at Zuzu’s for $32.99