Billy Corgan answers questions about AEGEA & his upcoming solo show

Picture by musicboxmom

Freshly returned from the AP music awards, where Billy Corgan was awarded the “Vanguard Award” (see some more pics here), he posted a Q&A for SPN readers this afternoon.

Here are some items we have highlighted from Corgan’s answers:

There will be more releases like AEGEA, and they might even have a track with vocals.

AEGEA currently has no plans to be released digitally.

Currently the Ravinia show is the only one Billy has scheduled for 2014.

The Ravinia show won’t be exclusively acoustic.

Additional shows like the Ravinia show are in consideration (something he’s said before). They may even film a documentary as he and Jeff  play at random location around America, announcing shows at casual outdoor locations.

A VIP meet and greet is in the planning stages for the Rivanna show.

He might perform at the AEGEA release party but isn’t sure yet.