Flashback Friday: Let It Come Down

LICD“Let It Come Down” was James Iha 1st solo album and was released in February of 1998, four months before Adore.

Recorded at Bugg Studio (James basement), Chicago, in the summer of 1997 with help from a number of guest artist, including Nina Gordon, D’arcy, Matt Walker, and many others.

It included a track that James had worked on during Mellon Collie session, called “One and Two”. Which was the song D’arcy sang on and which Flood was credited for additional production.

The album ended up producing two different promos, Be Strong Now, & Jealousy.

In December 2011 the album was announced to be reissued by EMI. It was released in February 2012 with the same 3 tracks found on the ‘Be Strong’ Now single (‘My Advice’, ‘Take Care’, and ‘Falling’).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uouNloAXLE&list=PLia6dqyCNJ4Ehd_aFMDZV0vVfSer9qBTR]