SPN gives an update on AEGEA

IYOUTUBE_AEGEAf  you have been wondering about the status on your AEGEA purchases SPN has posted that the 1st pressing was pushed back to be done at the same time of the second pressing, much to the displeasing of Billy Corgan.

Billy wrote  “…not only was this timetable promised to me after much negotiation (and by the way I was given no special status, i.e. I got to jump to the front of some line), but of course I made a public assertion of delivery to those buying. Anyway, I’ve been promised anew that all 1000 pressed copies will be sent at the end of next week, which means the turnaround time here to assemble jacket to record, etc won’t be much longer than that. For those interested, we’ll document every step of the process as it happens.”


After speaking to manufacturer, who’s has admitted the delay, the date for pressings has been pushed up to sometime this week. We expect to know a date for shipping and our receiving of pressing 1 in the next 24 hours.

 As well, covers are expected for both editions to arrive this week.