Billy Corgan talks about Machina 2 for Memorabilia Monday

M2This week on Memorabilia Monday, Billy comment on copy 25 of 25 of the original Machina 2 pressing.
Billy explained that this was the copy of which all the Machina 2 bootlegs originated from. Billy explained the fan was also given other material which they were asked not to let out. which “costing in effect confidences from others far more innocent. Which explains the availability of certain materials, and how Machina 2 as a project did not come out sequentially as I’d asked.”

Billy did explain that Robert Smith got a copy of Machina 2 and made reference to the Machina 2 that was put on eBay a few years back. He also then mentioned that the Machina reissue will combine the two albums (machina & machina 2) in a reissue next year.