Billy Corgan has a in depth talk about the new albums & confirms bandmate departure


In a new lengthy interview featured on music radar with Billy Corgan he talks about the new album, working with Tommy Lee, working with Jeff, briefly mention Mike has “left the building”, and when the 1st single might be out.

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Why 2 albums, instead of a double album:

“It’s a combination of things. I think in the modern world information is digested so quickly, so the problem with doing a double album is that whatever the general verdict on the new album would be, it would come within the first 48 hours of release. The other 50 percent of the material, CD 2 or whatever it is in this world… I mean, would it even be listened to? The chances of that are very, very small. That’s pretty much been proven out for me during the last seven to 10 years….”

Are the track titles gonna change?:

“No, no, I’m gonna stick to them.”

With Tommy Lee playing drums what  about Mike Byrne?

“Tommy Lee is the drummer on the Monuments album. Mike, like Elvis, has left the building.”

How did BC get Lee on board:

“I went out to LA and played him the demos we had – he loved them, got ‘em right away. Then I came back to Chicago and demoed more specifically with the idea of him tracking the drums to them. Then I went back to LA and worked out all the drum parts, which of course further refined some of the arrangements, came back to Chicago and redid the demos again, and then I went to LA to cut the final drums.


Did BC give Tommy direction?

“Oh, no. Not at all….”

“But you don’t have to tell him what to do. He’s right up there. The two most intuitive musicians I’ve ever worked with are Jimmy Chamberlin and Tommy Lee. You sit there in the back as you’re watching it happen and you think, ‘There’s a reason why this guy has sold so many records’ – and I’m looking at it.


How Jeff and Billy recording relationship has grown:

“Jeff and I, now that we’ve played together for seven years, we’ve figured out how to do that. So unlike a lot of the albums – including Oceania, where a lot of the rhythm tracks might have just been me doubling myself to get the super-tight thing – this one will be old school: Billy on the left, Jeff on the right.”

When will things be out:

“Shooting for a single by October – possibly sooner, but I guess October, November at the latest – and then an album will probably be February. As for the timetable between the two albums, I worked it out contractually that it’d be no more than nine months, so I’m going to try to stick to that. I’m sure [BMG] would be fine if it were longer, but I’d like to keep it short. I’m just really tired from doing this one. We’re obviously trying to get it done, and so the idea of finishing and rolling right into the next record seems like a strange kind of a slow-motion suicide. [Laughs] It’s like being one of the teams in the play-offs – we’ve just gotta win this game first and we’ll get to the other game later.”

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