SPN starts “Memorabilia Monday” and you may be able to contribute too.

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The Smashing Pumpkins Nexus has just started a new series called “Memorabilia Monday”. We were told that items will be shared from Billy’s personal collection, but other collectors will soon be able to submit their items for Billy to comment on. We’re sure this will be a welcome information for all those SPFREAKS out there.

Today Billy brought out 2 of the famous album art for Siamese Dream, with hand written lyrics. These were given to other band members, managers and agents. Billy kept these two because of family, saying  “Here you can see my mother Martha (as a child), along with her mother, my grandmother Concetta. And in the other shot that’s her holding the Brownie camera.”

UPDATE: If you are interested in sharing your unique SP items to possibly have it featured on Memorabilia Mondays, email pictures and information to officialspmemorabilia@gmail.com,