Flashback Friday: Pastichio Medley

The+Smashing+Pumpkins+band134++CopyIn April of 1996 the Zero single was released and the track “Pastichio Medley” was featured as a b-side. The track had a number of snippets from the Pumpkins past studio recordings ranging from 1993-1996. The titles of these snippets were later brought to light thanks to the The Aeroplane Flies High boxset booklet.

Over 70 snippets are included in the recording and over 20 songs have been released or bootlegged out over the years. Of all the snippets only 2 of them contained any kind of  hints of lyrics; “Do the Rubberman” & “In the Arms of Sheep”. The snippet of “Do the Rubberman” is of Corgan singing the line over and over as he tries to contain his laughter. A little more of the song was featured on MTV Rockumentary. “In the Arms of Sheep” starts with music but then cuts off after Billy sings the line “Come back baby-…”

The snippets of “Speed” (which was a known song before the release) and “Disconnected” (renamed “The Aeroplane Flies High”) are the only snippets to date that have been released with completed lyrics.

The track “Star Song” which can be found on the 1979 disc in TAFH deluxe reissue release, included some lyrics that Billy would commonly refer to as “bullshit lyrics”.

Of course there’s also “Pastichio Medley (Reversed Extras)” which was feature on the deluxe reissue of MCIS but we’ll have to save for another Flashback.