Billy Corgan sends a lawsuit over to former label

billy-in-courtYou might recall the short lived label deal that the Smashing Pumpkins had with Rocket Science, Inc. They were the label that distributed Teargarden Vol. 1 and 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Billy has filed a law suit yesterday stating that “ Around September 2011, the company allegedly stopped providing Corgan with accounting for revenues derived from his songs.”

In short Billy is suing for breach of contract, and an amount owed can’t be named without a the accounting information. But the it is believed to be in the excess for $75,000.

If you want to read the lawsuit filing click here.

For those not interested in reading the filling, one item I think some fans would be interested in knowing (although it has always seemed cleared to Crestfallen) is that it says; “The business of furnishing the services and creative works of the musical artist Billy Corgan, professionally known as The Smashing Pumpkins (“Corgan”)”. So yes Billy Corgan is legally the Smashing Pumpkins.