3 years of Crestfallen.com (the origin story)

Today is Crestfallen 3rd birthday (sort of). For the past 3 years Crestfallen.com has been reporting the latest Smashing Pumpkins news and has had over 3 million visits.

But where did this all begin? Why Crestfallen? The story starts back in 1998 / 99.

During my senior year of high school me and a friend Ray were in the “audio visual” class (not with D’arcy). During that time we had to do a discography video project. We ended up doing one about the Smashing Pumpkins. My friend really liked the song Crestfallen. So we used that track in our discography.

video still from the Crestfallen music video

A few weeks later our last project of the year was to be a music video. So we chose to do one to Crestfallen. A ended up giving Billy a copy of this music video back in 1999 at a SP signing at Virgin Records. When I saw Billy again later that year I asked if he had seen it, or if it had just gone into a pile of stuff, to which he said that it had. So if you want to see that video, Billy is hoarding it. 😉

A few years later my friend was able to obtain the domain Crestfallen.com, which he used to host videos and pretty much run a blog.

As years passed and my friend and I went in and out of contact. But in May 2011 he emailed me asking if I wanted the domain, because he had no interested in renewing it. So originally out of sentiment, I chose to take it, not knowing what I might do with it.