Smashing Pumpkins announce more Machina reissue news

MachinaTheMachinesOfGodThe work on transferring the original 24 track tapes along with other live shows are currently in the works according to SPN.

The plan for taking the tracks on Machina & Machina II and putting them together in “proper order” and with new mixes has been around since the reissues were announced but new possibilities have just been brought up.

Other possibilities of coalescing the story exist: including the addition of extant materials such acoustic alternates, re-contextualized soundtrack pieces, and use of spoken word to create an immersive experience.”

 “I’m also not opposed to asking current artists to participate, singing songs as such on the compositions meant for other character’s voices,” Billy adds. “Finishing what the band started so long ago, and we just didn’t have the strength to end.”

The release date for this reissue and the Adore reissue has yet to be revealed.