Lights, Camera, Wrestle. Billy Corgan gets the OK on new show

WPC_and_wrestlersAs you know Billy Corgan has been working as the creative director for the wrestling company Resistance Pro. And for sometime he has been working on getting a reality show for the company. He was reported to be in the works with AMC on developing a show back in March, and today he has been given the “nod” by AMC, according to Variety, to have such as show.

The Variety report incorrectly calls Billy the “former leader of The Smashing Pumpkins”, but it does tell us that the show will be 60-minutes long episodes and will star Billy, “Viewers will see Corgan create storylines, choreograph fights and manage intense post-match locker room arguments. “. Perhaps we will see him at an IHOP working late nights on matches. Billy is also noted to be on as one of the Executive Producer of the show.

When will we see the 1st show? It seems that will be next year according to Elliot Goldberg, AMC’s senior vice president of unscripted programming.

So what should we expect? Not sure but don’t expect the show to be much like the Walter E. Smithe ad that was done last year.