PSA: Copies of Billy Corgan’s album ‘AEGEA’ ARE/WERE available for pre-order

YOUTUBE_AEGEA200 450 copies of AEGEA are now were available for pre-order on the Madame Zuzu’s website.  If you missed out on your chance to get one, there are other ways to get one, thirty of them will be available at the Madame Zuzu’s (but they won’t be taking pre-orders by phone), and ten will be sold at Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, IL but we aren’t sure when or if they are taking pre-orders as well.

Just a reminder, a rare 50 of the 250 1st pressing are going to be aqua-colored vinyl and all of the releases will be hand-numbered and signed by Billy Corgan. The AEGEA release will be a “double disc set [which] will include 5 shorter pieces, with 2 album-side extensions that are altered renderings of pieces 3 and 5.”

The 2nd pressing will be on RED vinyl. Orders for the 2nd pressing will not be delivered as quickly as the 1st pressing but will be hand numbered and signed by Billy.

It also appears a 3rd pressing may be in the works. Billy wrote on SPN: “I haven’t ruled it out, but that really depends on how the rest of today goes. Really pleased with the interest thus far.”

If you want to hear what you will be getting check out the clip below.

Did you get a copy of ‘AEGEA’?

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