Update on Billy Corgan’s “AEGEA” release.

lp_zuzuThe Smashing Pumpkins Nexus has just posted an update about the upcoming limited edition “first run” release of “AEGEA”.

The release will included 50 colored versions and presumably 200 black copies. Two hundred of them (not sure if these will included any color pressings) will be sold on the Madame Zuzu’s website. Thirty will be available at the teahouse, ten will be sold at Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, IL. and the last ten are being put aside for promotion.

We don’t have any titles but “The double disc set will include 5 shorter pieces, with 2 album-side extensions that are altered renderings of pieces 3 and 5.”

The album is expected to be released “no later than mid-May”.

Oh and if you are wondering about that strange picture that is used in connection with the Nexus article you might want to check this out.