Flashback Friday: ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ music video

bwbw_butterflyThe first music video for the wildly successful double album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was Bullet with Butterfly Wings. Originally Billy was interested in Jellybelly being the opening single.

Billy said in an interview with Chart Magazine, “I felt that Bullet was the absolute obvious choice,” explains Billy, “which is kind of why I didn’t want it to be the first single. You know, in Pumpkinland, we don’t really like to do the obvious thing.” He chuckles. “I felt really close to Jellybelly, because it sounds to me like a classic Pumpkins song from a third album. It sounds to me like the manifestation of everything we’ve ever done on a third album, whereas Cherub Rock sounded to me like a second album single. But Bullet is one of those songs where, you know, it’s easy to sing along to and [he affects a drawl] – ya gotta sell them records.”

darcy_bwbwThe music video was directed by Samuel Bayer and was set in a huge pit that was at-least 100 feet deep, and at one point had over 2,000 extras for the video. The story line is about a boy in a diamond mind finding a butterfly and protecting it in a harsh environment.

Billy said in the commentary for the video, “the band was setup in the middle of this hole, flanked by almost 400 kids all muddied up and dressed up. But as videos go, you often time sit there 15 or 20 minutes while they setup a shoot. There’s kids up on the hill and I can hear them going ‘who is this band man?’ And as this is going on longer, they’re getting more bored, so some of the mud people start to through rocks at us. And I’m in a ZERO shirt and silver pants and I want to go up there and crack somebody over the head with my guitar. So this tension stars to build as the day wears on, because it’s not going quick enough, as videos often do. It’s hot, there’s really no sun protection. Sam’s running around like a maniac, so all these kids are sitting there saying ‘what’s going on?’ and we’re standing in the middle of all this hostility.”


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-r-V0uK4u0]