Overview Thursday

bc_catMarch 30th: melodies was located for a song with no real name, followed by working on WORLD’S ON FIRE, which is said to have a “middle-of-the-road quality” that led to “hours, some trying, us trying, but at the end The Shredder was playing this kind of Echo B meets an orchestra part that meshed wonderfully with ‘ye olde triplet figure from yours synthi.”

March 31st: started with more work on WORLD’S ON FIRE along with  BEING BEIGE, which was described as a hot rocker. We also got our 1st snippet.

April 1st: we were told that their are “plans to release a series of experimental recordings from 2007 (which will appear on a private press label sold through Zuzu’s), as well as the possibility of an extensive Siddhartha set offered for release later this year; in exclusive vinyl, collectors sets.”

April 2nd: It was the bands most productive day so far. With over 9 tracks being reviewed. PRETTY BLUE, NOMI, FULL SAIL, DRUM AND FIFE, NUMAN, LOVE TO LOVE, SERPENTINE, ANTI-HERO, TIBERIUS.

“‘PRETTY BLUE’ is where we’d left off the night before, and it was indeed headed for the COUGAR pile. But some reworking this morning helped instill new life, and so it lives to be criticized another day. ‘NOMI’ is a poetic song, more akin to a theatrical presentation, and because of that, we’ve shelved it (for now). Which is hard because I’d written it in response to my grandmother’s recent passing. ‘FULL SAIL,’ while also drama-tinged, has more of a rock upside, so it stays. ‘DRUM AND FIFE,’ a street anthem. ‘NUMAN’ escapes me at the moment, but wasn’t shelved. ‘LOVE TO LOVE’ we love, a kind of gospel drum driving this shuffled Sab/Scorps riff. ‘SERPENTINE’ holds promise, but was pushed aside with no further work. ‘ANTI-HERO’ was headed towards metal dustbin ‘till a last minute BCsave pulled it from the fire. And ‘TIBERIUS’ sounds like it’s title (imagine marching hordes). So certainly our best day yet, and I’d say the excitement here is palpable in a way that I haven’t seen in those around me since, oh…our American president played saxophone?”