The Smashing Pumpkins spend another full day’s work on new album.


Last night The Smashing Pumpkins posted that they spent the day working on 3 tracks, one of which is called “SOLARA”, a song that “went from a typical 90’s-type rocker to something that felt like it belonged”.

The next track was a “song whose title escapes me, which in a previous demo had kind of a 80’s club vibe (in a good way). Unfortunately that went nowhere, and after 3 hours was sent off to COUGARLAND.”

The band seems to have committed themselves to work on a minimum of 3 tracks a day. As it was growing late, “we got into it with a fetching song called CARDINAL RULE. Gorgeous as a fingerpicking-type song, we started breaking apart the internal rhythms to be voiced on various ‘things.’”