Flashback Friday: The Last Song


‘The Last Song’ is featured on the thirty-three single and has only been played once live at the Metro on Dec 2nd 2000

Billy told Guitar World “This is the only B-side written entirely after Mellon Collie was completed; I always seem to write a little burst of songs in the momentum of finishing an album (see ‘Drown’). I thought for a while about holding this song for our next record, but in the end I decided that it was so in the spirit of Mellon Collie that it was best served as an extra track. I never intended to have a guitar solo, but my father was hanging out with me at the studio, so I asked him to play on it. Every time I hear this song, I burst with pride to hear my father’s great, and very influential to me, guitar playing.”

In the reissue for The Aeroplane Flies High Billy wrote a little more about his experiences working with his father writing  “..I’d enlist my father to solo during the coda, which he agreed to do with some trepidation in not having picked up a guitar for some months. As used to producing results with great speed as I was by then, I made the boorish mistake of suggesting how my father might improve upon the spots he was choosing to drop in on; re-opening old wounds between an all-too absent teacher and his one and only disciple. If I had this to do all over again I would have savored the moment and allotted all the time in the world for us, for this lemonade stand in the shade stands as the only studio recording we share. This is if you don’t count that cassette I have of my spitting a solo on one of his tracks at 16.”