The Smashing Pumpkins pare down long list of songs.

bc_may_2011Billy has kept with his daily update by posting that the band is actually sifting through about 70-80 actual songs, and that the many alternative versions are what make the list closer to 150 tracks (as originally reported).

Of the ’70-80′ tracks, WPC writes, “Having a vote we ended up with 26 in the STAR category (an inside joke), and 9 in the COUGAR (an even more inside joke). So starting tomorrow we’ll cut into a new round of demos, with an eye that everything from here on is essentially ‘making’ the record. This is very reminiscent of the way the SIamese, Mellon Collie, and Machina records were made; this kind of setting up demos as a way to discover sonic approaches while still writing/tweaking. Hence: 26 STAR demos in 10 days.”