Billy Corgan is choosing from over 150 songs for new album ‘Monuments To An Elegy’

listAs he begins to carry out his commitment to post “A continuing feature, items regarding each day’s recording will be shared that same evening, with song titles…”, Billy writes that he’s been reviewing over 130 songs, with 20-25 more to go.

Some of the song titles appearing on a handwritten sheet include “Fall Among the Crowd”, “Freedom Rider”, “Lonely Saints”, “No One Knows”, “Not Another Daydream”, “Pathetique”, “Romantique”, “Palidrome”, “Roccasins”, “Hot as Sinn”, “Serpentine”, “Anti-Hero”, “Maybe Should I”, “Tiberius”, “Cardinal Rule”, and “Dorian”. Several untitled songs appear to have dates by them.