Flashback Friday: the beginning is the end is the beginning

Billy Corgan 2008

Originally released on the Batman and Robin soundtrack in 1997, and commonly seen as a b-side to the hit single and Grammy award winning track ‘the end is the beginning is the end‘; the song, ‘the beginning is the end is the beginning’ became a hit in its own right when it was used in the 2008 trailer for the movie Watchmen. The trailer regularly appeared before the release of the Batman movie The Dark Knight which sparked a lot of interest in the track. The song quickly shot up to the top 100 on iTunes digital downloads, and although the song was featured on both of the Watchmen trailers, the song was not included on the soundtrack for the movie.

So how did this all happen you might ask. Billy said “I just got a call one day asking if I was cool with it, and I was surprised because it’s a version of that song that never seemed to get any notice. Months before the trailer was released I kept hearing from friends in the movie business that they loved how the song worked with the images from the movie. I love the way it’s used in the trailer. I’ve asked the movie people if it’s possible we could release it as a music video. Still waiting on that one. Certainly the massive jump in on-line sales seems to indicate it might be worth it for us and for the movie.”

‘Watchmen’ director Zach Snyder talks about why he chose TBITEITB

The director Zack Snyder, said in an interview with MTV that he picked the Smashing Pumpkins track for a couple of reasons “…For one, I felt like in mood, it was correct for what we were trying to do. We were trying to sort of get at the unwashed masses who don’t know anything about ‘Watchmen’ and find something provocative that makes you go, ‘What is that?’ … And then, also, I felt like the song itself spoke a little to the ‘Watchmen’ world. And then on the third hand … it will create controversy a little bit in the fanbase because they’re going to be like, ‘Wait, is that going to be in the movie? That ain’t 1985!’ ”

During the late 2008 tour the Pumpkins would play the song regularly during their sets as well as a couple of times in 2012, bringing, ‘the beginning is the end is the beginning’ total live performances to 20.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRt7myDbJLU]