Flashback Friday: Obscured

obs_todayLittle known fact about ‘Obscured’ was that it was originally suppose to be put on Lull Instead it was released on the Today single, then placed on the Pisces Iscariot disc.

Billy wrote in the original PI release “…written during gish recordings we have finished it and let it sit for 2 years and then it came out as the b side of today i in the uk. the darkland. so it was all my friends tapes and supposed to be on the next one but i swore i would never do it again re- record one of our own songs because it is lame to do so. 1991.what a year. such a pretty song, sunday in the park music chicagofest.”

In the reissue of PI Billy wrote that he had high hopes for the song “…Written in the ‘tide out’ period after the release of gish, where new ideas were lightly explored and just as easily discarded. a favorite in my canon of doe-eyed come-ons, obscured does express some deeply rooted beliefs i formed during my late teem years, standing as i was on corners at midnight praying for a gothic rescue…”

The song was rarely played till 2011 when it got played regularly for US leg of “The Other Side of the Kaleidyscope” tour.

Here is the first known live performance of the song from September 1991.