Billy Corgan & Sierra Swan talk about her new album “Good Soldier”

Billy & Sierra 2009

Billy Corgan and Sierra Swan talked to Music Radar about her new album “Good Soldier” which Billy produced this past year.

Billy starts out by saying “If I get approached 20 times to produce somebody, I probably say no 20 times. Generally speaking, I don’t like producing. I feel like artists deserve their own version of record production, and my version is pretty particular.”

So why did he chose to produce Sierra Swan new album? ” “There were a lot of reasons for me deciding to work with Sierra, but one of the biggest is her sheer talent. Quite simply, she has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard.”

Billy spoke very highly of Sierra musical playing talent -saying “Sierra’s a great musician. She’s one of those people like Bob Dylan. People talk about Bob Dylan, but they don’t talk about what a great musician he is. If you listened to early Dylan and he’s fingerpicking, he’s really good. Sierra is like that: She’s as good a musician as she chooses to be. ”

As far as Billy actual musical involvement Sierra said “Billy did play on the record too, but he didn’t play like people probably expect he would; he didn’t sound like The Smashing Pumpkins. Maybe on The Day, when that distortion comes into the chorus, that’s where you hear it and go, ‘Oh, yeah, that sounds like him.’ He kept his instrumental parts low-key.”  to which Corgan replied with “… I defer to Sierra’s wisdom. My job was to enhance what she was doing without putting myself overtop it or taking away anything. ”

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Check out the 1st track that Sierra has released from her upcoming album below. You can buy the album, due out tomorrow from her website.To learn a little more about Sierra check out our 20 Question interview with her, and what she said about the track below.