Flashback Friday: Billy Corgan interview on Blinking with Fists


Billy talked openly about his life and his book Blinking with Fists for Book Television in 2004 and revealed a lot about himself and the way he approached this art form differently than his music.

Billy talks candidly about his relationship with his mother and a box of her poetry he saw for the first time years after her passing away.

In the interview Billy expressed that the poetry in the book was a reflection of himself; including the sarcasm, dry wit, and the gentle soul. Also that not all the poetry he put into the book was consider “strong” but some were weak; they were left in there to reflect his weakness.

He also speaks about his difficult childhood and how he dealt with that and how his music would end up reopening wounds and how he was able to eventually get out of them.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/58320287]